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The order of using sunscreen and cc cream

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2021-07-09 Click:
Both sunscreen and cc cream are cosmetic products, so which one should I use first? What is the correct order of using sunscreen and cc cream? Let me introduce you to the editor below!
   Apply sunscreen or cc cream first?
   Apply sunscreen first, then cc cream.
According to the normal order of skin care and makeup, skin care first, then makeup. Although sunscreen is a cosmetic, it is usually used as the last step of skin care to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. The full name of cc cream is full color control. Contouring cream is a cosmetic in the true sense, so you need to apply sunscreen first, then cc cream.
  The benefits of applying sunscreen first
The main function of sunscreen is to prevent the skin from being damaged by ultraviolet rays, which means that it is an item that directly acts on the skin. It must be used on the bottom layer of the skin to achieve the best effect. In summary After skin care, the first thing you should use is sunscreen.
  The correct order of using sunscreen
The main function of sunscreen is to protect the skin, but it also belongs to the category of cosmetics. Therefore, it cannot be directly applied to the skin. The correct order of use is to apply toner, lotion, cream and other skin care products after cleansing, and then apply sunscreen. The product can effectively replenish the moisture and nutrients needed by the skin, and form a protective layer to reduce the irritation of sunscreen to the skin.
   The correct order of using cc cream
cc cream is the same as bb cream and dd cream, both of which belong to the foundation. Before use, the normal water cream skin care steps are still the same. If it is a cc cream with sunscreen effect, you can omit sunscreen Cream step, if not, the water cream is followed by sunscreen, then the base cream, and then other cosmetics such as cc cream. The base cream can be used to isolate the makeup before the cc cream.