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Which sunscreen BB cream should be applied first

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2021-07-09 Click:
Summer is here, both sun protection and isolation are needed. Which one should I use first with sunscreen or BB cream? Is it better to apply sunscreen first or BB first? Diagram of the correct use sequence of sunscreen and BB pair.
   Which sunscreen BB cream should be applied first
   The weather is getting hotter and the UV intensity is getting stronger and stronger. If you don’t wear sunscreen when you go out, you will become an African black girl by accident. You must know that one white hides the ugliness, and one black destroys everything. Not only that, after the skin is sunburned, there will be spots, and skin aging speed will accelerate. Therefore, it is very necessary to do a good job of sun protection at all times. However, some makeup girls will complain that they have put on makeup and applied sunscreen every day. Why are they still tanned? This needs to be based on the order of makeup. Do you apply sunscreen first or BB cream? The two sequences are wrong, and everything is in vain.
   Generally speaking, apply sunscreen first, then BB.
  The difference between BB cream and sunscreen
   First of all, everyone must understand what category BB cream and sunscreen belong to. The biggest role of BB cream is to adjust skin tone and make blemish skin white and complex. It is an indispensable beauty artifact for girls in daily makeup. It belongs to the category of cosmetics. The role of sunscreen is to resist ultraviolet radiation. It is necessary to know that ultraviolet rays are very harmful to the skin. If the sunscreen work is not done properly, not only the skin will be sunburned, but also spots will appear. Therefore, sunscreen belongs to the category of skin care products. Make-up steps pay attention to skin care first, and then make-up, so sunscreen and BB cream are the same, you should first sunscreen and then BB cream.
   After knowing the order of sunscreen and BB cream, where should I apply sunscreen? What can be done to maximize the sun protection effect without affecting the makeup effect? Next, I will explain it in detail for everyone.
  The correct sequence of applying sunscreen and BB
   One, moisturize before makeup
The most feared thing about makeup is that the skin is too dry and dehydrated. This is also an important reason why many people have floating powder and stuck powder. After washing the face, dry the face, and then quickly moisturize the skin. Toner -Essence-Emulsion-Cream is done in order, and then you will find that the skin is much hydrated. If you have enough time, you can also apply a moisturizing mask.
   2. Apply sunscreen
After hydrating and moisturizing, apply sunscreen immediately. Apply sunscreen when the skin is hydrated. Not only will it not burden the skin, but it will also exert the effect of sunscreen against ultraviolet rays. Consider applying BB cream as a primer. It is recommended to use a light-weight, breathable and compliant sunscreen. The skin will not feel sultry and muddy.
   Three, base before makeup
Before applying the BB cream, remember to give the skin a foundation. More than half of the people ignore this step. Apply a thin layer of lard cream makeup primer on the skin, which can remove the large pores, fine lines and dry lines. It is well concealed, the makeup will be more natural, and a protective film can be quickly formed on the surface of the skin after application, which can effectively isolate makeup and harmful substances in the external environment from the skin and protect the skin from harm.
   Fourth, apply BB cream
Here is the step of applying BB cream. The weather is getting hotter and hotter. If you want to make your makeup fresh and not heavy, and give people a nude makeup look, you may wish to use cushion BB cream instead of traditional smear liquid foundation. The powder is delicate and smooth, easy to skin Sticking to the face, applying makeup evenly and naturally, fast and good.
   Five, concealer
Although most BB creams now have a certain concealing effect, this is only for girls with a good skin foundation. If there are obvious spots, acne marks, dark circles and other blemishes on the face, you still need to use professional concealer to cover the blemishes. , Otherwise just applying a thick layer of BB cream to cover it will not only increase the burden on the skin, but also make the entire makeup look very heavy.
   Six, loose powder set makeup
   The temperature is getting higher and higher, and the skin oil secretion will be stronger than usual. If you don't want to go out soon, you must frequently touch up your makeup. This step of setting makeup is indispensable. Unfortunately, many people ignore this step. This step can well prevent the appearance of oilfield face, especially when the weather is hot, it is definitely a good helper for makeup setting. It has a good oil absorption and oil control effect, making makeup naturally lasting and does not take off. Dip an appropriate amount of loose powder with a brush, shake it lightly, and then apply on the face, or use a powder puff to apply an appropriate amount, fold it in half, and apply it to the face, especially the oily areas in the T-shaped area. You can apply a little more.