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Beauty appreciation

10 steps to draw a good eyeliner to become "big-eyed cute girl" in seconds

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2021-07-09 Click:
1. Draw a mark at the end of the eye, first determine the target point
The operation after    is very simple and completed quickly. Because it's just a mark, it doesn't matter if it doesn't connect with the eyelid. Such as drooping eyes, cat eyes, etc., at this step determine the shape of the eyeliner you want to draw.
Draw your eyeliner and become "big-eyed cute girl" in seconds
   2. Draw the eyeliner from the corner of the eye to the corner of the eye
   There is no need to draw very clean and fun. Because you need to adjust it later, you can draw it at will.
  3. Use a cotton swab to draw and draw towards the end of the eye in one breath
   Use the cotton swab on the top to flatten the top of the eye, and correct the eyeliner that I drew randomly from the end of the eye.
   4. Make a mark on the target point like the edge of the eye
   Draw a mark according to the shape of the eye makeup effect you want. It is easy to mark in advance and draw with liquid eyeliner.
  5. Place the pen horizontally and draw with a gentle breath
   While lifting his eyelids diagonally upward, he drew it in one breath. This is the hardest step. Come on!
   6. Raise the tip of the pen and draw to the end of the eye
   Use a thin line at the top, and another line at the end of the eye will make it smoother.
  7. Only apply little by little above the pupil
   8. The end of the eye is drawn stroke by stroke
   9. Finally fill the eye
   No matter how clumsy you are, you will be able to paint smoothly in three steps. For those who are looking for natural effects, just draw the upper part of the pupil and finish it.
  10. The corner of the eye that covers the lower eyelid
  The natural effect technique is to smudge it after drawing with the eyeliner. Whether or not it is fully painted is related to whether the eyes can be enlarged. If the lower eyelid line is relatively straight, please draw a full equilateral triangle.