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Beauty appreciation

Draw the nose shadow like this to make the nose straight

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2021-07-09 Click:
The Korean girl introduced today, like us, has a small nose collapsed from a mother's fetus, but she did not embark on the path of going to the clinic for the treatment, but chose to use makeup techniques to achieve the extreme nose-lifting effect. He is also personally ig Shang Dafang shared the method of hitting the nose shadow, which benefits the world's collapsed nose girl.
  Come, come, a picture can explain clearly, it turns out that the plastic surgery is not to focus on the root of the nose, but the nose! The girls who are as tired of painting the sides of the mountain in black and dirty, like us, can finally be free!
  1. At the top of the nose where it connects to the root of the mountain, use a small right-angled triangle to make a shadow.
  2. The nose is shaded in a V shape to create the illusion of a strong nose.
  3. There is also a little shadow on the top of the nostril to make the nose shape more three-dimensional.
  4. Finally, lightly draw a light shadow on both sides of the mountain.
  Even Pony will make a special appearance in this area. It seems that she is also good at using the nose-lifting technique!
   A cup of respect to all the little girls in the world. We have all worked hard. Although we can't completely break up with the nose, today's nose-lifting technique can separate you from the nose.