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Korean dry rose student makeup tutorial student makeup more everyday

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I chose the overall look of the rose tones, and chose the eye shadow instead of the eyeliner to draw a soft eyeliner. The brown mascara has a lighter look and a makeup that Korean female students like very much!
Korean student makeup steps
Base makeup
First, cover the red spots and sputum on the face with the air cushion and frost concealer. The concealer is placed on the sputum and then evenly applied.
After the concealing stage is finished, apply the light-weight liquid foundation again, apply the beauty egg to the V-shaped part of the face, and spread it evenly toward the outer side of the face.
In order to match the hair color, the brown eyebrow pencil is selected to be drawn according to its own eyebrow shape, and the eyebrow tail is slightly shaped.
Eye makeup
Choose a slightly bright nude eye shadow at the center of the eye socket, make a gradient on both sides, then use the small eye shadow brush to take the same color eye shadow, and gently sweep it again at the lower eye line.
Since it is a student's makeup, of course, use a pink blush to focus on the face, highlighting the entire makeup. This line then uses a pink eye shadow to make a gold rim at the eye socket at the end of the eye, starting from the back of the lower eye line and applying a circle in a clockwise direction to the corner of the eye.
Then choose the wine red eye shadow pen to draw the eyeliner, clip the eyelashes, and then apply the upper and lower eyelashes with brown mascara.
The next step is to apply blush. Here, choose a liquid rose blush with a dry rose color. Apply it to the cheekbones and evenly spread it.
Lip makeup
The color of the pink dried rose, first with orange-red lipstick to make a shallow gradient on the lip contour, and then use the bean paste lipstick to highlight the color on the lips.