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Do you need a liquid foundation for the use of a barrier cream?

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-09-11 Click:
Is it necessary to use a liquid foundation? The cream is a kind of cosmetics that many people like to use. The cream can adjust the skin color and skin care. It belongs to the foundation before makeup. Many people tangled when applying makeup. Do not apply liquid foundation on the isolation.
Can the cream replace the liquid foundation?
Creams are not a substitute for liquid foundations because they are extremely different in functionality. The cream is divided into sunscreen function and makeup before makeup, moisturizing function, there is no sunscreen professional in sunscreen, and there is no liquid foundation effect in creating makeup.
Do you need a liquid foundation for the cream?
It varies from person to person.
The cream and liquid foundation are two different types of products, and their effects are different from each other. Therefore, there is no requirement to say that they must be applied or not. Specifically, do not apply or vary from person to person. There is a need to apply a liquid foundation, and if not, it can be dispensed. Liquid foundation is a liquid powder. It can be said to be the basic product of makeup. It has multiple functions of adjusting skin tone, improving facial texture, concealing, isolating, sunscreen, etc. Because it is liquid, it can only be used as a base makeup; The liquid foundation also contains some skin care ingredients, which can play the role of isolation, anti-radiation and anti-aging. If you have the above needs, you can apply a liquid foundation after the cream. The role of the cream is more biased towards skin care, such as sun protection, dust separation, UV isolation, makeup, etc. It has only one cosmetic effect: the skin tone is adjusted, and there is basically no concealing effect, so if your skin is better, face If there is nothing wrong with it, you can apply only the cream, no need to apply liquid foundation. Although the cream is also a cosmetic, most of its functions are to protect the skin, such as preventing sunburn and sunburn, preventing the skin from being damaged by dirty air and dust, and reducing the irritation caused by computer radiation to the skin. It belongs to the uncompromising cosmetics. It will stimulate the skin more than the cream. Some of them are basically some makeup effects. If you just want to use pure skin care and make your skin look better, just apply the cream. It is completely enough. In the makeup effect, the cream can only adjust the skin tone simply, and the liquid foundation has multiple functions such as concealing, coloring, hiding pores and modifying the skin. If you want to paint a delicate makeup, it is far from applying the cream. Not enough, at this time you can apply liquid foundation, which can make our makeup more perfect.
The difference between cream and liquid foundation
The cream has the important function of isolating ultraviolet rays and protecting the skin. It contains a certain sunscreen, so it has a sunscreen effect. The foundation is used as a base makeup to balance the skin tone and make the skin look more beautiful. The liquid foundation is more fluid in the texture, so the ductility is very good, the ductility of the cream is also good, and there is also a certain sun protection index, usually before using the liquid foundation. Pre-makeup is actually a kind of cream. It can be used to separate makeup and air from the makeup before makeup, and make the makeup more docile. Therefore, the cream has the functions of sunscreen, pre-makeup, and isolation. In general, the main function of our liquid foundation is to even out skin tone, and the facial skin looks even more flawless. At the same time, in order to prevent makeup removal, good liquid foundation will have oil control ingredients, so that you can not easily remove makeup in the summer or when the face is oily.
First wipe the cream or liquid foundation
The steps before applying the liquid foundation are: 1. Clean the skin 2, moisturize or toner, add moisture to the skin or shrink pores 3, apply nutrient cream 4, sunscreen cream
The whole steps of makeup are as follows: 1. Clean the skin 2, moisturize or tonic, add moisture to the skin or shrink pores 3, apply nutrient cream 4, sunscreen cream 5, liquid foundation 6, powder or loose powder 7, thrush (Brows are light, the eyebrows are deep, the eyebrows are high, and the eyebrows are clear.) 8. Eye shadows (shaping the contours and personality of the eyes) start from the outer corner of the eye, shallow inside and outside, and bright colors under the eyebrows. Choose the eye shadow 9 with the clothes, the eyeliner (the top is drawn from the eye's two-thirds, the lower one draws one-half, and some people don't draw the eyeliner) 10. Draw the lip line 11, lipstick (to be with your own clothes) Matching) Bright lipstick must be brushed with lipstick. 12, snoring finger 13, clip eyelashes (first root, middle, eyelash tip) 14, upper mascara (first up and down, then pull the "Zig" type coating, make the eyelashes look longer, more concentrated)