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Industry News

Regular cleaning of tools is very important

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Protecting the health of the skin, needs cleaning and proper care in a timely manner, but is it enough yet? Now, the makeup was already many girls will do things every day, and maintain the tools of basic conditions of health is to protect the health of the skin.

If not cleaning tools, you can put bacteria "paint" on the skin.

Brushes don't borrow

First, should choose Sable production quality paint, its texture is soft and durable washing and, secondly, to skin health, their paint as much as possible not to lend; and, third, frequently painted to ensure best cleaning once a week. Compared to the paint, lip brush easier to residual bacteria, eye contour brush for sensitive eyes, if not health could easily cause eye irritation or conjunctivitis, so experts recommend cleaning eye brush and lip brush shall be greater than the number of paint, it is best to do once every two days.

Available time rubbing alcohol

Cleaning makeup brush of specific steps is: first will makeup brush put in neutral SOAP warm water in soaking 30 minutes; then will makeup brush placed taps Xia with large cold water flush, should inverse hair flush, to let cold water completely rushed net often residual product in hair brush tail end of bacteria (this does not will damaged brush hair); rushed NET Hou, gently dumped dry, again Shun Hair Combs, then put in dry towel Shang dry. Cleaning makeup brushes right before going to bed at night, so as not to delay the next day.

However, some women do indeed live without soaking, cleaning brushes, then what? Dedai professor said, can also be scrubbed with a paper towel dipped in alcohol, but alcohol must not exceed 70 degrees, straighten out the bristles can then continue to use it.

Effective method for cleaning makeup sponge is: every one to two days to put makeup sponge in diluted disinfectant soak for a few hours, but do not use ordinary alcohol. After you remove the sponge, wash with clean water after use. Clean makeup sponge texture is unlikely soft after a few times and need to be updated in a timely manner, so as not to damage the skin.

Disposable cotton most health

Eyebrow brushes, Eyelash curler, Eyelash comb, lip pencil, eyebrow pencils, make-up tools clean and cannot ignore, the best way is weekly or regular paper towels dipped in alcohol and disinfect these gadgets one by one. Depending on the frequency used, every 6-9 to these gadgets should be updated, and eyelash curler rubber pads need to be replaced once every two months, or aging of rubber pads easy to clip off lashes.