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clean your natural hair Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes are the most important component of beautiful makeup application. Natural hair makeup brushes are more expensive than synthetic but with proper cleaning and care, they can last a lifetime. Buying a full set of makeup brushes costs less and is a great investment, and will pay off with the easy application in creating a beautiful face of makeup on anyone. Learn the easy steps to caring for your natural hair makeup brush.

Makeup brushes are yourvaluable cosmetic tools and require proper care.

Pour or spray the makeup brush cleanser onto the paper towel. Start with a small amount and add more as needed throughout.

Gently Remove Makeup, using a back and forth and side-to-side motion over the towel, sweeping gently and not rubbing or pushing on the hair. You will see makeup being removed from the brush onto the towel. Add more makeup cleanser to a clean spot on the towel and repeat this step until the brush is clean.

Smooth brush back into shape and lay flat to dry, preferably with the brush head hanging over an edge. Allow 5-12 hours for drying, depending on the thickness of the brush. Do not let the liquid drip into the funnel.

Tip: You can use baby shampoo as makeup brush cleaner.