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Keep your makeup brushes clean

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Applying makeup is an easy proposition when you keep your makeup brushes clean. Makeup brushes are known to harbor lots of bacteria, dirt and dust, and frequent washing can damage brush bristles, making them less than optimal. Prevent dirt and dust accumulation as well as bacterial growth with proper care. Below are some pointers and tips on how to care for your professional makeup brushes.

TIP #1
Always clean the makeup brush after each use with special brush cleaner because it is gentle on your brush. Spray the brush cleaner on the clean cloth and wipe the brush clean, clearing away makeup residue. Let air dry.

If washing is necessary then you need to:

1) Run the bristles under running warm water
2) apply a small amount of a good quality shampoo (not the one you get from the market) to bristles and work into a light lather.
3) Rinse the bristles throatily under warm running water. You will then see the old makeup leaving the brush
4) Continue rinsing the brush under warm running water until no more color is leaving the brush.
5) Allow the brush to air dry. Now the makeup brush is ready to be used again.