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Tips for buying best makeup brushes

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All makeup brushes are the same, right? Well, not exactly. You can buy makeup brushes in your local drugstore and they would be just fine for your everyday or occasional usage. However, for professional make up brushes you would have to do some scouting around and, yes, expect to pay a lot more money.What makes professional makeup brushes different from the regular kind? It really all boils down to the quality of the product. Just as with any other product, you expect to pay more and achieve the best results for high quality merchandise. The same applies to makeup brushes. All parts of the brush, their testing and longevity must be of a high grade to go through the rigorous handling, application and cleansing demanded by professional makeup artists. Professional makeup brushes, once they are cared for properly, should last a lifetime.HairProfessional makeup brushes are made either of synthetic or natural bristles. The synthetic brushes are made of high grade nylon or taklon and are for applying creamy products like concealer, foundation, blush and lip products. These can easily go through the cleansing process as these need harsher detergents to assure sanitisation. Natural bristles are made wholly of animal hair like sable, goat, badger and pony. There can also be blends of natural bristles. These hairs are soft and silky as to not irritate the skin of clients. The most expensive brands comb the hair from the coats of live animals. Unfortunately, the cheaper brands market their natural brushes as those with sable bristles but are mostly blends of a few sable hairs with mostly synthetic ones. These bristles are cleaned with specific cleansers or shampoo. Professional makeup brushes are also resistant to shedding, unlike the cheaper versions which leave small hairs on faces and in the sink.HandlesThe handles of professional makeup brushes are also durable. They are usually made of solid wood or bamboo instead of the plastic kinds that are found on cheaper ones. This way, they are not prone to breakage or becoming unstuck from the rest of the brush once it has goes through washing.Ferrule In order for the bristles to be firmly positioned within the brush, theferrules must be very secure. Cheaper brushes often have handles and bristles that become detached from the brush. Best makeup brushes have a special adhesive to safeguard them from that occurrence.ProcessThe best makeup brushes are handmade. This means the bristles are cut, the pieces are put together and secured all by hand. When handmade, there is greater detail to quality and the buyer is assured of making a good purchase.There are many economic brands of makeup brushes available, but for brushes that are non-irritating, secure, soft, all natural and made to last, the professional grades win all the time.