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Professional Makeup Brushes

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Using Makeup BrushesMakeup brushes were used long before sponge applicators. Most of the original types of makeup brush were derived from natural sources, mostly horsehair. Today’s makeup brushes are largely made from synthetic materials. Professional makeup artists prefer to use brushes rather than applicators. The reason for this is that the amount of makeup can be controlled more easily than with an applicator and brushes provide a more natural, finished look.Types of BrushesProfessional makeup brushes are created to apply eye shadow, eyebrow powder, blush, lipstick and mascara. There are specific sizes for each use and application. Look for professional makeup brushes made from the most natural materials for the best results. It may take a bit of adjustment to make the switch to a professional makeup brush. It’s well worth it. For one thing, it reduces the amount of makeup applied. With makeup brushes, a tiny dab is all that’s needed to apply eye, lip and blush to the face. These brushes last a longer time than applicators and they can be refreshed with a simple soap and water bath. This is important to protect the eyes from contaminants that cling to an applicator over time.Makeup Brush For A Professional LookPowdered foundation is applied more evenly with a professional brush. Any excess is simply brushed away. Learn to use the right strokes when applying makeup with a brush. For the face, begin at the lower cheekbone and brush outward toward the hairline. Brush the chin lightly. For eye makeup, brush from the inner to the outer area of the eyes. You’ll find that applying eye shadow with a professional makeup brush also helps avoid the end-of-day creases when shadow build-up occurs most often. Apply blush or rouge in a single stroke from the just beneath the cheekbones outward toward the hairline.Applying Lipstick the Professional WayNo matter what shade of lipstick you prefer, applying lipstick the way the professionals do is relatively easy. Use a slim lipstick brush to outline the outer edges of the upper and lower lips. Then, just fill in the rest of the lip area. One good tip is the balance the lower palm of your hand against your chin when using a lipstick brush.