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Makeup Brush Ferrules

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-10-23 Click:
Ferrule is the tapered metal tube that holds the makeup brush hair filaments and is designed for the basic shape and size of the makeup brushes. These are made of different materials - aluminum, nickel, gold, satin, copper lacquered, chrome, black chrome and nickel-plated. Seamless nickel-plated ferrules usually appear shinier, with darker tone than aluminum. While manufacturing, there is a high stress on its dimensional accuracy and perfect surface finish. Apart from the normal shapes like conical, cylindrical & fan, ferrules also come in special shapes and in different sizes such as curved, ringed, etc. Ferrules made of corrosion-resistant steel, brass, and nickel, are designed to hold and reinforce the brush knot and improve the makeup brushes appearance and add life. Brass, an alloy metal, makes the strongest ferrules. Though sometimes left plain or with a clear or gold colored coating, copper and brass ferrules are usually nickel-plated for appearance and corrosion resistance. Aluminum ferrule are much weaker but cheaper to produce and appear on lesser quality makeup brushes. Quality makeup brushes features a seamless ferrule, regardless of the metal type. Ferrules with seams tend to pull apart and allow paint, solvents, and water to accumulate, thereby causing loosening or damage to the handle. In some brushes, a flexible natural or plastic quill is used in place of a metal ferrule.