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Analysis on handle material of makeup brushes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-10-27 Click:
Usually there are the following handle materials for makeup brushes:Wooden handle:Usually used on medium or high-grade makeup brushes (medium cost)1. Shape: Taper handle ,parallel handle or some irregularly shape like hexangular handle2. Material: ordinary Schima superba ( allow stains which can be covered by painting etc); Log ( generally painted with transparent paints, can see wood grain); White Birch ( used for high-grade makeup brushes, many famous brands like BOBI BROWN use such handle, the cost is very high); rubber wood timber etc3. Painting: cloudy surface, light surface and transparent etc4. Color: Can use painting and spraying methodsPlastic Handle:Plastic handles are usually used on low and middle-grade makeup brushes (because the cost is low, except Acrylic handles)1. Shape: Taper handle or parallel handle (as the plastic handles are injected, so the shape can be controlled through moulds, so the handle can be drop shape, square shape etc ), plastic handle are usually with steps2. Material: AS, PS (rather hard and Brittle, is easy to be SCRATCH) ,ABS ( good elasticity), Acrylic ( also called synthetic glass, with good transparency and texture)3. Color: plastic handle can directly inject color; also can use spraying or vacuum plating.The makeup brushes can also use resin handles and aluminum handles, but the cost will be rather high.