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some tips on makeup brushes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-12-25 Click:
Being interested in makeup brushes, recently I have visited many makeup brush factory in China who manufacture makeup brushes for famous brands. Here I would like to say something about the brush knowledge I learned.Generally, the free brushes within the cosmetics boxes are very hard to use, we may feel bad when we use these brushes to apply makeup on our faces. In fact, the reason is simple, first is the brush cost, the main cost of makeup brushes is on bristles, good bristles are certainly very expensive; Second, bad bristles will apply more cosmetics, then the cosmetics will consume more quickly, so most cosmetic suppliers prefer bad bristles.So we should buy makeup brushes separately, which can not only prevent our skin, but also save the cosmetics.Many girls are crazy to Bobbi Brown makeup brushes in the belief that the most expensive brushes are certainly the best makeup brushes. In fact Bobbi Brown itself does not manufacture makeup brushes, most of their OEM factories are in China.