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Camel Hair Makeup Brushes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-12-25 Click:
A "camel" brush is not made of camel hair. It is a generic term for soft-haired makeup brushes that are made of various inexpensive hairs such as pony, bear, sheep, and lesser grades of squirrel mixed together and supposedly named after the man who originated it. Camel hair brushes received their name from "Mr. Camel", who invented them.Actual camel hair is too woolly for brushes and they range greatly in softness, quality and cost. These soft-haired brushes are made of pony, ox, goat or other inexpensive hair, or a mixture. Horse of pony hair is taken from the mane, tail, hock or belly. Natural tips are used in better brushes. Camel hair brush is most commonly used in inexpensive school grade brushes or as makeup brush. Ox hair is taken from the ears or hock. It has medium stiffness and resiliency, carries much fluid but will not point well s it has a blunt tip. Goat hair has a naturally blunt tip but retains a large volume of fluid.Camel hair brushes are used in mottler, mops, makeup brushes and Oriental brushes. Lesser grades are used in school brushes and, like pony, it can be used in blends or filler. These brushes work well for dusting parts and also in touch-up work for applying paint and adhesives.