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How to Use Eyeshadow Brushes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-12-25 Click:
•You need a set of good quality Eyeshadow Brushes. Start with at least two brushes - a medium size oner no bigger than the tip of your thumb for applying eyeshadow to your eyelids you also want a small, firm brush for the crease of your eyes. Its also a good idea tobuy in a thin eyeliner brush for applying the line of eyeshadow near your lower eyelashes to create the smoky eyes look.•The next step is to select eyeshadow colours from your eyeshadow palette. Look for colours that naturally compliment your skin and also ones that that match what youre going to be wearing. Its best to find at least 3 colours in various intensity that blend together.•Many women skip this next basic makeup step - applying an eye primer. Lightly pat eye primer over your eyelids using your finger tips. Leave the upper eyelid blank. Eye primer helps to even out your skin tone and it also helps your eyeshadow to set. As an alternative to primer you can use your foundation or concealer.•Now use your medium eyeshadow brush to sweep the lightest shade of eyeshadow across your eyes. Tap the brush to remove any excess and then run the brush from your eyelash line to your eyebrow. You can repeat this as many times as needed to achieve the colour youre looking for.•Next, dip the smallest brush in your next darkest shade of colour. Run that across the inside crease of your eye lid. After applying your eyeshadow use your brush to smudge any harsh lines.•Finally use the medium brush and dip it in the third accent colour. This will be the darkest shade of your 3 colour eyeshadow combination. Apply the eyeshadow to the outer edge of your eye and make sure to blend toward the middle.•Now its time to check your eyeshadow. If possible find a spot where you get direct sunlight. Use your fingertips to smooth out any areas where your eyeshadow appears too heavy. You can also use the medium brush to soften up any harsh lines.•As a final finishing touch you can lightly dust your eye lids. This will set your eyeshadow and will also create a more natural look.