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Choose Make up according to Skin Type

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-11-16 Click:

Make up application is different on dark skin; in the party and in the office the same way its different on different skin types and different age groups. While putting make up one has to keep in mind the weather, skin type, age group, complexion and occasion, as everything and all colors dont look good on everybody. Applying make up on dark skin tone or in a party and office is completely different.

  1. Dark skin-women with dark skin tone should apply light make up with warm color tones. Colors, which are nude and natural, dont suit the earthy skin tone so much. So women with dark skin should apply more of browns, terracotta and maroon shades. When choosing a foundation they should go just one shade lighter than their skin tone. They should not apply much lighter shade of foundation, as it will spoil their look. Their skin will not look natural.

    And these days dusky skin is in demand so one should feel good about it as people so get tanned and apply bronze and dark highlighters to get a dark skin tone. Pinks, reds and silver shades dont look good on dark skin; they make it look dull and darker whereas medium shades of mauve, browns and golden look better on dusky skin. Matt finish make up look better on dark skin tone. Women with dark skin should avoid using gloss and gels in their make up as they make the skin tone appear dull. Even while applying lip colors, eye shadows and blushers one should keep the right shades in mind and that way even dark skin look gorgeous.

  2. Party-parties are the best occasion to apply make up. One can play and experiment with colors for a party but one has to keep in mind all the other factors as age, skin type, weather and even time. Lighting should be proper when applying make up on the skin. As make up application should be different if the party is in daytime or if its in the night. While going for a party one should do the proper cleaning of the face with cleanser and then one should apply toner and moisturizer.

    If there is dead skin or black heads on the face, one can use mild scrubber on the face to remove them. If the skin is really tired and looking dull, one can prepare the skin for the party by applying a nice face pack, suitable to the skin. Now when the skin is ready, one can apply foundation on the face and neck. Eye shadow, liner, mascara for the eye make up and proper blusher on the cheeks. Lips should be defined and filled with nice long lasting lip color.

    Long lasting lip colors are better for party as they remain subtle for hours even after eating and one doesnt need to apply the lip color again and again. Compact should be applied to give the make up a finishing touch. Just the facial make up is not sufficient for a party. One should keep even the hands and legs clean. So if one doesnt get time to apply nail color, one should keep the nails cut and filed properly otherwise no matter how well ones make up is done, it looses the entire impact of ones personality if the hands and feel are dirty. Hair should be done well and one can apply a nice scent to add spice to ones make up. If the party is in daytime one should apply light colors and dark shades should be applied if the party is in the night.

  3. Office-make up for the office should be light and natural. One should do proper cleaning of the face and should avoid applying foundation as foundation might make the skin feel patchy and unnatural. If someone cant make it without foundation, then one can apply light mousses available in the market which are made for day usage and has sunscreen factor in them.

    One should apply light moisturizer depending on the skin type. If one wants to add some color, one can apply light and natural shades of eye shadow. Proper eyeliner is must to define the eyes. One should not use blusher for the office. But nice and long lasting lipstick is must for office make up. One should finish the make up with the application of a compact powder. For the office make up one should choose the shades which look fresh as office make up is done in the morning, and dark colors look better in the night. Little gloss on lips and mascara on eyes look good when office make up is done. Office make up should be done in day light only as if one does it in the artificial light, one might not get it proper when stepping out of the house in the natural light.