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How to get beautiful eyebrows

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-11-16 Click:
Eyebrows are the one of the most important features on face if taken aesthetically. Eyebrows define the shape of eyes and enhance their beauty. Eyebrows also help eyes to converse more effectively as they change their shape according to the mood and the expressions. Taking care of eyebrows is an important part of the makeup routine. Some women tend to overlook the importance of eyebrows or some women go for over plucking of eyebrows. Both ways you are going to loose an important make up feature from your face. Eye makeup is vital part of face makeup and eyebrow make up is that vital part of eye makeup. You cannot ignore eyebrows if you really want to make an impression.

Combing Eyebrows For Natural Look: For giving natural look to eyebrows, you just use an eyebrow brush or a small comb. Comb eyebrows upwards and outwards. You can apply gel lightly to keep eyebrows at place.

Groom Eyebrows: You have many ways to fill sparse eyebrows. You can use eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil to fill the tiny gaps between your brow hairs. There are many forms of eyebrow makeup to choose from.

Eyebrow makeup Products: Eyebrow Pencil: it is the most popular known product for eyebrow makeup. But it sometimes gives harsh strokes. You can smudge them using a cotton swab.

Eyebrow Powder: Eyebrow powder has high color pigments and matte finish. Instead of this, you can use matte eye shadow powder, which matches your skin tone. It gives the most natural look. Take a little bit of eyeshadow on an angled eyeshadow brush. Now apply it on the eyebrows in eyebrow direction and fill in the eyeshadow. If your brows are very thin, use an eyebrow pencil to give it a thick shape but it does not look natural. You can press small amount of powder on line drawn to soften it and then fill it with eyeshadow. Blot any extra eye shadow with tissue.

Eyebrow Gel: If you have bushy eyebrows with unruly hair, you can use eyebrow gel. It comes in clear or colored forms.

Eyebrow Coloring

- Choose eyebrow color, which matches the natural color of your eyebrows. Your aim is to enhance the beauty of your eyebrows, not overdoing it. To fill in with eyebrow pencil color, first comb eyebrows and then fill in it with pencil by making feather strokes. You should comb it again after using filling the color to blend it completely and to give a more natural look.
- Choose a shade of eyebrow color which two shades darker than your natural eyebrow color.
- Hard bristled angular eyebrow brush is the best for applying powdered brow color and using it in tiny hair like strokes. Powder should not run into the surrounding skin. Blend it thoroughly. While using brow pencil, it should be the sharp enough. Technique is the same for both that is comb, apply and then comb again. You can soften the strokes made by the eyebrow pencil, making soft strokes by a cotton bud.
- If your brows are too close to your eyes, you can bleach them for wider eye look.

Important Eyebrow Tips

- Avoid over plucking of your eyebrows, as it won’t do any good for you.
- Follow a natural shape pattern for your eyebrows according to the basic rules for getting right shape. Eyebrow shape should be in accordance with your facial feature. It should blend with other features; should not stand out.
- Make sure that there is right distance between both eyebrows.
- Never pluck hair from the top of the eyebrows; instead pluck eyebrows in between.
- For bushy eyebrows, first use small scissors to trim that unruly hair and then trim them.
- The clean, simple and elongated eyebrows are the most elegant one.
- To get rid of hair between the eyebrows, go for eyebrow waxing.
- Regularly tweeze your eyebrows to keep them in shape. The best time to tweeze eyebrows is just after bath when pores are open. Tweeze hair in the direction of growth and also pluck one hair at a time. Pluck any stray hair on the outer corners of the brow. The rule is to tweeze hair only below the eyebrows.
- Some people do not need any alteration at all; they just need little defining of eyebrows.