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Waterproof Makeup

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What is Waterproof Makeup?

Waterproof makeup, as the term signifies, will not removed by water. Waterproof makeup remains same all day. Perspiration, weather and water do not affect it. It is designed in a way that it does not smear, run or come off with water. It is a smudge-proof and sweat-proof. It is of great help and in great demand where weather is humid and where ordinary makeup tends to smudge off.

Who Uses Waterproof Makeup?
Female athletes specially apply waterproof makeup because they have too much perspiration. Swimmers and swimming coaches also wear waterproof makeup to avoid smudging of when they come in contact of water. Actresses also wear waterproof makeup, as they have to shoot in various conditions like in rainy weather, at beaches, crying scenes. When women travel, they prefer to carry waterproof makeup as they have to apply it once and they can carry the same look entire day without touching makeup again. It saves lot of time and energy.

What makes this makeup Waterproof?
High quality cosmetics contain a silicon-based oil known as dimethicone. Skin remains soft with application of this oil and another benefit of this oil is that it helps in smooth application of makeup. Dimethicone copolyol is the waterproof version of the same silicon-based oil. It helps the makeup to stick to hair and skin.

How to Remove Waterproof Makeup?
Waterproof makeup cannot be just removed using water. Waterproof makeup has to be removed with the help of a special remover. Though waterproof makeup gives fresh and clean appearance all the time but due to its removal method, it has some side effects too. Removers are some kind of solvents, which dissolve the makeup content. In the event of removing makeup, these removers also remove the protective sebum layer on the skin. Sebum is protective oily substance on the skin, produced by the sebaceous glands. It protects the skin from effects of pollutants, chemicals and other irritants. Long-term use of remover for waterproof makeup makes the skin dry, wrinkled and leads to premature aging. So avoid using waterproof makeup excessively; save it for special events like anniversaries, weddings, birthday parties, prom night etc. Take special care of skin to avoid drying up.

Two types of Waterproof Makeup:
But with all the considerations waterproof makeup is great for busy and active women. There is two type makeup: waterproof makeup and water-resistant makeup. First kind of makeup is used by professionals need to touch with water. But this kind of makeup is harsh on skin due to its formulation. It is not meant for daily use even if you dive or swim.
Other kind of makeup is water-resistant makeup, which has softer effect on the skin. This is not exactly waterproof makeup; it protects the makeup against the atmospheric humidity. For instance, lipstick marked “ water-proof” may refer to sun protection and nutrients in it. This type of makeup is more useful for ordinary people.

Different Waterproof Makeup Components:
There is whole range of waterproof makeup from waterproof mascara to eyeliner, blush, foundation, lipsticks etc. Waterproof eye makeup is really great for stunning long lasting look. Waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner do not run from your eyes even if you cry hard, in heavy rains, beach or a long swim. These waterproof eye products save you from raccoon look if your eyes come into water contact or if you rub your eyes unknowingly. It is especially helpful for the people who wear contact lenses because ordinary eye makeup tends to flake and fall into eyes. It can ruin delicate lenses. These people should wear eye makeup specially designed for them.

Waterproof eyeshadow really looks glamorous on a hot and humid day. You do not have to reply it, if you are going on party in night. Waterproof eyeshadow cream and powder eyeliner make a good combination. This kind of makeup saves you your eyes from rain, summer heat and humidity.
But there is word of caution too, do not wear waterproof eye makeup, if you have eyelid dermatitis. In this condition there appear rashes and puffiness on eyelids if a compound come in contact of eyes. Waterproof makeup aggravates this condition. Waterproof makeup remover is specially an irritant for eyelids.
Smudge proof lipstick and eyeliners are perfect for long day. Waterproof lip makeup includes lip colors, tubes of lipsticks and lip paints. Apply first waterproof foundation and then waterproof lipstick for perfect glow, which lasts till night.