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The Importance to clean makeup brushes

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Youve spent a great deal of time and money collecting the perfect makeup brush set to apply your makeup. Each makeup brush is beautiful and perfectly designed for a unique task, one for foundation, powder, blush, one for sweeping, smudging, blending... but how are you taking care of your makeup brush set? Do you pack your dirty makeup brush away, hoping all the makeup will magically disappear from within their bristles by tomorrow? Do you blow hard on them or wipe them with a tissue, only to find yesterdays color making an appearance in todays makeup? The inconvenience of dirty makeup brushes:- Foundation brushes get hard and clumpy- Powder brushes get build-up which you transfer onto your face (eye)- Eyeshadow brushes hold dark colors (reusing a brush with a lighter shade may result in more of a "night on the town" kind of look rather than an office look)- They catch little hairs and dust- They are gross. Cleaning your makeup brushes is a very important process that every makeup lover should be utilizing. Makeup brushes harbor lots of bacteria, oils and dirt. Cleaning your brushes HIGHLY helps reduce acne does your skin a huge favor. Read on to find out how to clean your makeup brushes quickly and effectively.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things youll need:

· A mild face cleanser or shampoo ·Water/Sink ·A small towel or washcloth 1. To begin, gather your dirty makeup brushes and take a trip to the powder room. To clean your makeup brushes you can use a mild face cleanser (such as Cetaphil), a mild shampoo (such as baby shampoo), or an actual brush cleaner. I believe they are all equally effective.2. Turn on your sink to a nice Luke-warm temperature. You will be cleaning ONE brush at a time. Grasp your first makeup brush and hold it under the running water (brush end down, never run the water over your brush in the opposite way of the bristles) until completely saturated.3. Once your makeup brush is completely wet, pump or pour a decent amount of chosen cleanser into the palm of your hand. Lather up your makeup brush in your hand with the soap by swirling the brush around in it and working it into the bristles. You will notice the soap turning the color of your makeup. Rinse your hand and brush and continue the process until no more makeup is coming off/out of your brush.4. Repeat this process for each makeup brush.5. Lastly, lay out your small towel or washcloth on the counter. Gently squeeze all the water out of each makeup brush and shake- this way the bristles take a more natural form. Shape the makeup brush if needed and lay on your towel with the brush head slightly over the counter edge. Let dry and youre ready to use your makeup brushes again!

Tips & Warnings

·You should clean your makeup brushes at LEAST once per week.·Dont blow dry your makeup brushes.·Dont boil your makeup brushes.·Dont use extremely hot water on your makeup brushes.·Doing any of the above can loosen the glue holding the bristles in causing your makeup brushes to fall apart.