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Make up Tricks to Keep Make up Stable

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-11-27 Click:
Makeup tricks are an art which one needs to learn through experience. One can learn new and amazing makeup tricks with others experienced hands or with a professional help. Trying hand on different peoples makeup makes one learn and understand what suits best to whom.

One can learn to put best makeup tricks on oneself by trying different colors on oneself. Mostly one requires the makeup tricks when the makeup gets spoilt or gets messed up. At times when we dont have much time or our makeup box with us these tricks can help us to manage with whatever time and cosmetics we have.

With the makeup tricks one can use the maximum with ones cosmetics. Here are few tricks to keep the makeup stable and fresh on the face for longer time:

Keeping makeup fresh for longer period on the face

in summers one should wash the face with chilled water or one should rub ice cube on the face before putting makeup. It closes the skin pores and stops producing sebum for the time being. That way skin doesnt produce sweat and dose not look sticky and greasy. So when the makeup applied on the skin it looks fresh and stays for longer time. People who have oily skin gets the best makeup done by this trick.

Keeping lipstick proper and lasting on the lips

before applying lipstick on the lips one should put a little foundation layer on the lips and then one should apply the lipstick. It helps the lipstick stays longer on the lips. One can put slight Vaseline or moisturizer on the skin to keep the lips soft so that lips are not dry. When applying matt finish lipstick its a better option to apply some balm, Vaseline or moisturizer on the lips. After applying the lipsticks if one doesnt find the shade suiting the lips and skin one can blot it off with a clean tissue paper keeping between both the lips and then one can wipe it off with a cotton ball having cleanser or moisturizer on it.

The trick to make thin lips appear thick and full is drawing a line outside the lips with a darker shade of lipstick and then fills the lips with foundation, and then apply lipstick in the outlined area. One should wear lighter shades to make the lips look thicker. To portray thick lips a little thinner one should wear darker shades on lips and when putting the lipstick one should make line inside the natural shape of the lips. Lipstick should be filled under this line to make lips appear thinner than they naturally are.

Tricks on the nose

if your nose is broader you should apply a dark shade of beige color on both the sides of the nose. Nose will appear sharp and if nose is very sharp you should apply darker shade on the prominent bone of the nose, which will subdue it and will make it look a little flat. Loose hair make long, broad nose appear better than the tight hair.

Keeping the eyeliner or eye pencil intact

one should apply some loose powder on the area where one puts the liner or eye pencil with a brush or cosmetic bud. One can use even ear bud if the ear bud or brush isnt available. It will help the liner or kohl from dissolving in sweat. It the kohl is put on the eyes then one should wipe the underlines with a cotton bud so that it doesnt spread.

Hiding Blemishes

one should keep two shades of conceler to hide the marks or blemishes on the face. Dark red marks can be hidden with the dark conceler and light pimple marks or pigmentation can be hide through light beige color conceler. One can even put some skin color beige shadow with the help of sponge brush on the skin marks if they are light and avoid using conceler. One can do it after finishing up the makeup when the conceler is not available.