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Tips to Apply Makeup Properly

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-12-08 Click:
These days everybody is getting more and more aware about beauty and makeup. From a toddler to an 80-year-old lady all want to look the best. Not even male wants to left behind and have become very conscious about their looks. Now they have got specific cosmetic ranges for them. Women are ready to do cosmetic surgery and liposuction to look better. So everybody wants to look good and try hard to get a look.Makeup plays a very important role in our life today, which if done improperly spoils your entire look and appearance. So one has to be really careful while choosing and applying makeup, as it should be done correctly knowing your age, your skin type, weather and the occasion. As the makeup which is good in daytime for a particular skin type might not look good in the evening on the same person.Here are a few tips and tricks to apply makeup properly and enhance your looks as its just playing correctly with colors on your face:·Remember you skin tone and skin type when buying makes up for yourself. First thing is choosing right shade of foundation for your skin as that is the base of the makeup. Buy it a shade lighter than your skin. It should be water based or power based if your skin is oily as oil or cream based foundation will make your skin look patchy. Then come applying it properly. Put small dots of foundation on all over your face and neck and then spread it with the help of your fingertips. If you dont have a good hand then you can use a small sponge to make the foundation even on the face. ·Then comes the eye makeup. Pink is the color, which usually looks good on most of the skin tones but not all age groups. One should not buy vibrant color if the skin is dark though should buy subtle color that are darker than the skin tone. On fair complexion pastel shades and shades of red look good while on darker complexion shades of brown look good. Always coordinate eye makeup with blush and lip color. ·Use eyeliner or eye pencil to define eyes after applying eyeshades. Then coat them with mascara. For deep-set small eyes light eyeshades are better and they can be used even on the lower eye to enhance the eyes. ·Blusher should be applied with a broad brush on the apple cheeks. If applied wrong it spoils the entire makeup. ·Put a little foundation or talcum powder on your lips and then apply lip color. If the lips are thin then define them with a darker shade of lip liner and then fill the lipstick and if the lisp are already thick then never apply lip liner on your lips as it gives them a fuller appearance and thick lips will look more thicker with that. ·Apply gloss if its winters as in sweaty summer it might not look good. Though prefer matte shades in summers to give a clean look to your face. ·If the nose is broad you can give it people an illusion by putting a darker shade of foundation on the both sides of your nose and if its a little more Sharpe and looks parrot type, you can put dark foundation on the prime bone of the nose to make it look a little flat. ·Finish the makeup with a good compact powder, a shade lighter than your skin tone. Never use loose power on oily skin, as it will not give it an even look. ·As here is a mantra to makeup stay for longer and is extremely useful for oily skin especially in summers. Before starting your make either wash your face with chilled water from your refrigerator or rub ice cubes on face for few minutes. ·If you want it much better then make ice cubes from rose water or watermelon or cucumber juice. And you can make out the difference in your skin. ·To hide acne, pimples marks or blemishes use good conceler. ·To get a softer look apply brown eyeliner and mascara on skin but in the daytime. · In winters you can apply a little touch of gloss on your eyelids and shimmer under your eyebrows. · Define eyebrows with a good eyebrow brush or with pencil if the eyebrows are light. ·Always keep your upper lips thread or waxed and your eyebrows in shape otherwise they will spoil your looks even after doing good makeup.So follow these tips and get everybody surprised by your improved looks and makeup