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Industry News

MAC makeup brushes VS BB makeup brushes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-12-22 Click:

Generally speaking, MAC makeup brushes have the following advantages:
1.Various types, can offer many choices for customers
2.The handle length is more suitable. BB makeup brushes have long handle type and short handle type: the long handle type is more suitable to makeup for others, for self makeup, it is too long; the short handle type is very cute but too short. MAC makeup brush handle conforms to most peoples habit
3.Good elasticity. Comparatively speaking, BB makeup brushes are very soft, while MAC makeup brushes are better in elasticity, which is suitable for sharp makeup.

MAC makeup brushes also have the following disadvantages:

1.The appearance is not so luxurious as BB makeup brushes
2.The bristle is not so soft, of course it is compared with BB makeup. Although some MAC makeup brushes are really a little too stiff, most MAC makeup brushes are ok.
3.Too expensive

Most of BB makeup brushes are for daily use, so BB makeup brushes are more suitable for soft makeup. If your purpose to makeup is to make yourself more beautiful, to make eyes more shining, then BB makeup brushes will suit you. But if you want to try different styles, MAC makeup brushes will be your best choice.