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Industry News

Makeup brushes by Hair/Bristle

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-12-25 Click:
The makeup brush hair can be natural or synthetic. The following is the brief introduction and their application in makeup brush manufacturing:1. Goat Hair: Goat hair is the most popular hair in makeup brush manufacturing. The goat hair itself has different grades, which can meet different requirements from different customers on the makeup brush hair. Also the thickness of goat hair is easy for the workers to handle.The high-grade goat hair is the best choice for large brushes, which can meet requirements on softness as well as flexibility。

2. Pony Hair: pony hair also has different grades and hair length. It is divided into brown pony hair, white pony hair, dye black pony hair etc. The pony hair can be natural or hand washed. The hand washed pony hair is soft, even softer than goat hair. The price of long and hand washed pony hair is almost the same or more expensive than goat hair. So it is wrong to consider pony hair as poor hair.It is known that the skin around eye is most sensitive, so the eye brushes must be very soft. Usually, the Sable hair, chinchilla hair, squirrel hair, nylon and pony hair are used for eye brushes. However, the nylon is rather stiff, the Sable hair and squirrel hair is rather expensive, so the pony hair, which is very soft and cost-effective, becomes the best choice for eye brushes.

3. Chinchilla hair: high grade hair, it is very soft and satiny, no need to process. Chinchilla hair is the thinnest hair in all hairs. However it is too soft so that the elasticity is not good enough. It is usually used for powder brush and shadow brush.

4. Squirrel hair: high grade hair, it is the most satiny hair, but the hair root is thick, thus, Squirrel hair should not be individually used for powder brushes or blush brushes. And because the hair is too satiny and the hair root is too thick, the hair is easy to drop off during production. Therefore, the Squirrel hair is suit for eye brush or mini powder brush. For larger brush, it is not so good.

5. Raccoon Hair: A kind of high grade hair, usually used for mini fan powder brushes.

6. Badger hair: Usually used for eye contour brush.

7. Bristle Hair: Usually used for eye contour brush

8. Sable hair: high grade hair, the unit price is 4-5 times of chinchilla hair. The sable hair has no long hair, so is usually used for eye brushes. Its softness and elasticity are both perfect, however too expensive, so it is not so popular in China.9. Nylon or Taklon, i.e. synthetic hair, in USA, it is called synthetic sable hair. It is mainly divided into two types: curved shape and straight shape. The curved hair is after special processing, the hair become curved, which is mainly used for large makeup brushes, such as powder brush or blush brush. The straight hair can be divided into single color hair, double colors hair and three colors hair. The straight hair is mainly used for Foundation Brushes or eye brushes.

Above,we just introduce some hairs, we believe that there will be more and more hairs used in makeup brushes with the development of makeup brush design and manufacturing.