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How to put on makeup, what to do with powder on nose

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Before applying makeup, you should do a good job of moisturizing and hydrating, or apply a hydrating mask the night before or before applying makeup. When applying makeup, use a foundation brush or dip your fingers, and apply a small amount of makeup several times. Wet the sponge egg with water, spray the base isolation and foundation on the sponge egg, and press the sponge egg on the face.
What to do with powder on the nose
Nose card powder indicates that the moisturizing work has not been done well. It is recommended to strengthen hydration and use moisturizing skin care products and cosmetics. The sides of the nose are easy to peel, and the makeup is easy to stick to the powder. The powder stains accumulated in this part will not only cause the clogging of the pores of the nose, but also make the originally inconspicuous legal lines become obvious, and the purpose of makeup is completely lost. Up.
What problems should be paid attention to for novice makeup
(1) The light should be sufficient
Makeup is not only about techniques, but also requires attention to the light of the environment. The light during makeup must be adequate, especially for novices, this issue is really important.
(2) Color selection and makeup of foundation
Seeing many novices make-up, their faces look pale, so they look really uncomfortable. Therefore, novice makeup users must choose the foundation color that suits their skin tone. If the skin is not particularly fair, be sure to avoid too white liquid foundation.
(3) Don't mix eyeshadow randomly
The makeup veteran knows all about the color matching of eyeshadow, but for the novice makeup, it is best not to mix eyeshadow colors randomly, because you don't know how to match them. It is recommended that novices start to learn makeup, do not buy large-plated eyeshadow palettes, it is recommended to buy single-color or small-sized eyeshadows, so that there is no need to worry about the problem of matching eyeshadow colors. Earth-colored eyeshadows are very popular nowadays, it is recommended that novices can choose small-scale earth-colored eyeshadows.