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Makeup Skills

Use lipstick with lip brush, what are the attention?

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2022-11-17 Click:
I believe that many little cuteness has similar experiences: I always marvel at their cool techniques when watching beauty big gods with lip brush.
 But when I started my lip brush and started to use it, I was busy, and it was not good to draw. In fact, the use of lip brush is also skillful. Mastering these methods below, exquisite lip makeup is done!
1. Use lip brush to outline the lip shape first
        How many little fairies are the same as instant noodle sauce. They use lips to draw redness. The first step is to fill the lip color first? After countless experience summary, if the lip makeup is beautiful, the correct one should first outline the lip type.
        After doing this step, you can clearly understand the boundaries of the lips, and to a certain extent correction. For the cute little cuteness of the mouth, just use a lip brush to get an appropriate amount of lipstick, and it can be outlined according to the original lip shape. For girls with thinner lips, bite the lip shape to expand slightly when they outline the shape of the lip, so that the lip makeup drawn will be fuller ~
        2. Fill the lip color expansion from the inside out
        After the lip type is outline, the next step is to fill the lip color with a lip brush, but many cuteness does not know that it is skillful to add lip color.
        Whether you want to create a gradient lipstick or a lip color that wants to brush evenly. When lipstick with lipstick with lip brush, you must be lipstick in the order from the inside to the outside. Naturally, lip makeup will be fuller and three -dimensional ~
        3. Fill the lip line with a lip brush
        For girls with dry lips, Z trouble is that the lip pattern will show the lip when the lipstick is red. It is okay to use moisturizing lipsticks. Once the matte lipstick is used, the texture of the mouth will be fully appeared, and the overall makeup will be lowered.
        For this little cute, the instant noodle sauce is recommended to take care of the small lip lines when the lipstick is finished first. The effect of lip makeup will be more perfect.
        4. Clean the lip brush first when stacking the lipstick
        Stacking lipstick is a very popular lip makeup method, which can not only create a gradual lip, but also create unique lipstick colors.
        However, when the lip is red with lipstick, the cute people should be careful not to get it directly between the two lipsticks, which will affect the color of the lipstick itself, and it will also cause the lip makeup color to be uneven. The correct way should be to get a lipstick first to fill the lip color, clean the lipstick on the lip with a paper towel, and then get another lipstick ~
        5. Lip brush should be cleaned often
       With lip brush, we can easily create a variety of full and beautiful lip makeup. But after all, the lip brush is different from lipstick. If you do not clean up for a long time after use, the brush head is likely to breed bacteria and is very unhygienic.
       Using an unclean lip brush, it is likely to cause periodic lipitis, which is not conducive to the health of the lips. So the little fairy Z is fortunate to wash it with a detergent after using the lip brush, it will be better ~