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Makeup Skills

How to make makeup more beautiful? 6 makeup skills

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2023-02-13 Click:
Many women are unsatisfactory about makeup. They are always floating powder cards, and even applying a lipstick can be dry and skinny. Today I will teach you 6 makeup skills, simple, good -looking, and makeup.
The first step, makeup before makeup
La BB cream often floats and removes makeup, so the important problem is that the step of makeup is missing! Pre -makeup will make your base makeup more delicate and perfect.
Choose the corresponding pre -makeup product according to the skin appeal. If your skin is dry and wants to have a more moist and gloss makeup, then you may use some moisturizing texture and better moisturizing makeup. A large oil skin and the nose love oil, so use some outstanding makeup products with excellent oil control effects.
Step 2, foundation (liquid/paste)/concealer/makeup
After doing a good job of moisturizing isolation, then use liquid foundation, liquid or paste. You can use tools or foundation brushes. Then there is concealer. Pay attention to the concealer on the face with flaws on the face, and the best dark circles are best to cover up. Then you have to set makeup and make makeup for your makeup, so that you will not remove makeup so fast.
Step 3, thrush
Women with makeup know that the different face shapes, the different! For example: long face is suitable for one eyebrow, square face is suitable for bending moon eyebrows, and so on. If your eyebrow shape is not very good and you don't know how to thrush, you can use the eyebrow card, just choose your favorite eyebrow eyebrow card, and then draw the shape shape according to the model.
The convenience of the eyebrow -shaped seal is that when the thrush is made of 3 seconds, and what kind of eyebrow shape you want to have, you can choose it yourself. Still always symmetrical, there will be no results that will not be one side!
1 Eye shad
Both eyebrows and eyes are related to people who look essential. Daily eye makeup does not need to be very complicated. After all, it is precious, and it is the key to getting it quickly. Therefore, you don't need to think about which color in the five -color, ten -color eye shadow plate, and prepare a two -color earth -colored eye shadow to meet the needs.
2 eyeliner: just half a picture
Drawing eyeliner is a make -up step with a relatively high technical difficulty. Many people give up because they can't draw a smooth line, but you can draw half! Start with eyelashes to draw back from the middle of the eyes. Pulling out a small tail to pick it up, it is much easier than drawing a whole piece.
Generally, the position of the blush is to hit the position of the apple muscle without too much gloss. You can make up the highlights to create a base makeup blingBling.
Creamy blush
Foundation OR concealer → blush and push away gently → loose powder, so that the effect of the paste blush is not thick.
Pink blush
Foundation OR concealer → loose powder → blush brush blush, so that the effect of powder blush is lasting.
Even if you don't make makeup, the basic thing to apply lipstick is to do. If you do n’t want to spend too much time to sort yourself up, just apply a layer of plain frost to paint a lipstick and eyebrows to be beautiful.
When choosing lipstick, choose according to the skin color: ① Choosing orange and red with yellow skin can brighten the skin tone and show the skin shiny; ③ Many friends with white skin can be controlled by many lipsticks, and you can choose what you like.