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How to manage the inner double Eyeliner easily?

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-01-04 Click:
How to manage the inner double Eyeliner easily?
Double eyelids are the eyes that girls want, but they are not double eyelids. They are also very good in one point. They want to change their eyes and big eyes. They only need to pay attention to the technique of drawing eyeliner. Next, Xiaobian is going to talk about how the inner double eyeliner is easy to dye and how to avoid it.
STEP1: first of all, in the position of the eyelash root, use the black eyeliner from the eye position to the eye, then draw to the eye tail, to the eye tail need to slightly rise, and slightly increase the rear part of the eyeliner, can make the inner double bigger.
STEP2: then use a flat Eyeshadow brush to gently brush a black eye shadow on the eyeliner, just smear it along the eyeliner. It is very simple, so that it can make the eyeliner more durable, and prevent dizzy makeup.

STEP3: then change to a slightly curved eye shadow brush, and brush a small amount of light brown eye shadow on our sockets, which will make our eyes more profound, and will also add a three-dimensional sense to the inner two eyes.
Step4: then use a small amount of brown eyeshadow, which is just a shade deeper than before, to dye it to the rear part of the socket carefully. At the same time, you can fill up the lower eyelid and eye tail to create a deep sense of color.
Step5: Finally, we can put a layer of long false eyelashes along the base of the eyelashes. This is because the inner eyelids are drooping, and the false eyelashes will make the whole eye makeup look bigger and more vivid, showing a perfect eye makeup.