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How to make makeup look good? The focus and difficulty of makeup

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How to make up looks good
Make-up is the life of a woman; just like a woman, it is the life of a man. So, how do women make up? How do makeup look good?
Here, let's talk about the general process of women's makeup. First, wash your face before makeup. Washing your face is the most important prelude to women's make-up. How to wash your face? The key lies in the choice of moisturizing and moisturizing, which can lay a good foundation for the whole makeup process. After washing your face, you must achieve a crystal clear degree, which is perfect. If not, work hard.
  Foundation cream
After washing your face, apply a liquid foundation cream. Applying a foundation cream, the effect to be achieved is to cover up the flaws on your face. Therefore, as part of the make-up, applying a foundation cream is very important. Especially the choice of foundation cream, absolutely can not listen to the side of the ad. The person who will make up, must know the flaws on his face, will not see the advertisement. Therefore, the choice of foundation cream, we must choose the most suitable for you, in order to achieve the best results of makeup.
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How to make makeup look good? The focus and difficulty of makeup
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Makeup focus
Foundation color selection
The color of the foundation is a more important step makeup. When making makeup, be sure to match the color of the foundation. In order to take care of your face, no matter how you look, you should choose a foundation that is similar in color to your skin. Then make up the makeup. In addition, the light foundation can be used on the forehead and nose bridge; the middle color foundation can be applied to the entire face; the dark foundation is used to modify the cheeks and chin. In this way, the primary school course for makeup is finished.
Natural effect of foundation
When applying makeup, the foundation must be painted naturally. When painting and coloring, the color can neither be painted out of the circle nor the blank can be painted. That's what I mean. Therefore, when applying makeup foundation, be sure to pay attention to the natural and beautiful application of the foundation in the hairline and earlobe.
How to make makeup look good? The focus and difficulty of makeup
3 make up the difficulty back to the top
Difficulties in makeup
How to deal with bags under the eyes
How to deal with eye bags when applying makeup foundation. If the eye bags are not handled well, it is very likely that color chromatic aberration will occur. Therefore, when making makeup, the bags under the eyes must be handled well. The best way to deal with this is to first apply a layer of intermediate color foundation, and then apply a layer of light foundation, so that the makeup effect will come out.
Eye makeup
The important tool for eyebrow teasing, the eyes, in the process of makeup, is naturally the difficulty in the focus. I have already said about the bags under the eyes. There are also problems such as cropping, eye shadow and eyeliner. Of course, since these are the difficulties of makeup, this time and a half, it is definitely not endless. So just put a series of ellipsis.
Lip modification
Make-up, the technology of dealing with the lips, in fact, just pay attention to it. It is lip gloss, you can never apply the whole mouth, so that your boyfriend will be hurting your own money and affecting the feelings of the two. Therefore, the makeup of the lips should have a little lip gloss on the middle of the lip, and then, a little more squatting, there will be a miracle of makeup.