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How to make the face smaller and three-dimensional

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-05-14 Click:
Everyone loves to slap their faces, but when your face is not so perfect, you need to improve your facial lines and highlight your contours! With a more three-dimensional modeling of the face, it is not difficult to create a 3D stereo face. Brown and beige on the make-up plate often appear, but do you really know their usage? The real secret of these colors is that they can be perfected! If the neutral color is used properly, it can especially bring out the eyes of the person and improve the nose and chin lines. Make reasonable use of high-light shadow contrast, cleverly decorate the contours and show your perfect side! Make-up artist Linda Hay said so. To play facial styling, you need to combine art and skill. The following will teach you the specific method of decoration, step by step, and finally will witness the non-general gorgeous effect.
Step 1: Use a little magic
Shaping facial contours requires skill, but the basics are: use darker matte colors where you want to deepen and hide, such as the depressions on the sides of the nose and below the cheekbones. Use a pearly hue with a flash, such as the cheekbones, where you want to highlight and brighten.
Step 2: Select the right combination
The repairing combination will generally cover the styling color you need, and some of the contouring combinations will also have detailed hands-on guidance to help novices quickly master the modeling method. Such as Smashbox STEP-BY-STEP 3 color repair disk + brush.
Step 3: Strengthen the shadow
Choose the darkest of the repairing combinations, deepen the underside of the tibia, and sweep diagonally toward the lower jaw. Use a small round head brush to apply the edges as soft as possible. This step will strengthen the depth of the cheekbones and create a three-dimensional look for the face. You can also use dark colors to enhance the shadows on both sides of the nose, highlighting the more straight nose.
Step 4: Play a sense of three-dimensionality
Sweep the midtones in the repairing disc on the laughing muscles of the cheeks, and move toward the most concave part of the face. From the cheeks to the corners of the mouth, brush a soft gradient. In addition, the intermediate color is used to modify the outline line on the outer side of the chin, and move toward the hairline to enhance the three-dimensionality of the face!
Step 5: Add highlights
Select the lightest color in the repairing group, brighten the humerus, then sweep under the eyes, and lightly under the brow, the effect should not be too strong. You can also use a light color to brighten the middle of the bridge of the nose and a small circle of the tip of the chin to further illuminate the outline and make the lines more distinct.
Step 6: Make up the blush
The final step is to add a touch of vitality to the entire face. Linda prefers pink rouge and just sweeps over the smiling muscles. The pink blush brightens the face, adding more three-dimensionality to the face, while at the same time appearing sweet and natural.