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Beauty appreciation

The spots are gone. Light and nude makeup is 4 steps.

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The makeup is indispensable: this is the most basic; the eyeliner is very important: the eyeliner is omitted, your eyes are difficult to make big and bright, with a handy eyeliner, a handful, it only takes a few More than ten seconds; blush is unforgettable: use a big red brush to swipe two strokes, your face will light up immediately; lip gloss dot makeup: If you feel that you spend time in other steps, then lip gloss will not feel time spent It can be done in a few seconds!
Let's take a look at how to operate the fastest and most effective ~
Get it in a few minutes.
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Step 1: Foundation covers dull skin
The biggest feature of simple makeup is that it is thin and the foundation makeup is absolutely not heavy, but it has to cover the dull skin and brighten the complexion.
Make: Use a foundation brush or a sponge to apply a liquid foundation to make it more even. Place the foundation in the eye area, cheeks, bridge of the nose, chin, etc., and gently spread the foundation to the entire face with your fingertips.
Tips Tips: Be careful not to forget the darker parts of the nose and mouth, etc. To create the perfect makeup is to pay attention to these small details.
2Step 2: Eyeliner brightens eyes back to top
Get it in a few minutes.
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Step 2: Eyeliner brightens eyes
Create a beautiful eye contour, a smooth eyeliner is a must! Remember that the lower eyeliner can not be saved, because no lower eyeliner will make the eyes look uncoordinated.
Make: first draw from the eye part with a black eyeliner, draw the eyelashes all the way to the corner of the eye, draw a smooth eyeliner, slightly thicken at the end of the eye, can make the eyes look deeper, and then use eyeliner Carefully portrayed, especially at the end of the eye, to deepen the effect of the eyeliner and brighten the eyes.
Tips: Eyeliner is more durable than eyeliner, and the color is more lustrous. The combination of the two can make the eye makeup look deeper!
3Step 3: Blush brightening face back to top
Get it in a few minutes.
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Step 3: Blush brightening complexion
In fact, the makeup does not need to be too obvious blush, but the appropriate blush can be used to brighten the face and also have a small face effect.
Make: Keep smiling, brush the blush on the prominent part of the cheekbones to create a rosy look, pay attention to the amount, with the overall makeup.
Tips Tips: Different face shapes have different blushing methods. Correctly brushing the blush that suits you will make you feel good.
4Step 4: Lip gloss makes the makeup look delicate and goes back to the top
X minutes to get the rules of makeup before going out
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Step 4: Lip gloss makes the makeup look fine
The simple makeup lip makeup is simple, choose the nude color lip gloss with the overall makeup, make your makeup more refined!
Step analysis: first use the lip concealer to decorate the lips, cover the original lip color, choose the nude lip gloss, apply to the center of the lips and smudge.
Tips Tips: Apply a proper amount of lip gloss. If you have too much amount, your lips will not look pink and delicate!