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How to quickly clean the makeup brush?

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2019-11-25 Click:
The bristles of professional makeup brushes are generally divided into animal hair and synthetic hair. The natural animal hair cloth has complete hair scales, so the hair is soft and the powder is saturated, which makes the color uniform and does not irritate the skin.
In general, animal hair is the best material for makeup brushes. You have to be handy to make your makeup beautiful, maybe you are just a set of tools. Make-up brushes have come from the hands of professional stylists and walk to the beauty of women. According to the makeup artist, the mane is the best of the bristles, and the texture is soft and moderate. Animal hair material, soft and durable texture. The texture of pony hair is softer and more elastic than ordinary horse hair.
How to quickly clean the eye shadow brush, it is more convenient and quick to clean the eye shadow brush with olive oil, because most of the eye makeup is oily, and the oil and oil are compatible, so the olive oil is very suitable for cleaning the small eye and lip makeup brush. Rub the hair of the makeup brush with olive oil, then press it onto a sponge to wipe it. After a while, you will see the cosmetic cake remaining in the brush falling off.