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The difference between makeup remover oil and makeup remover water

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The difference between makeup remover oil and makeup remover water
The difference between makeup remover oil and makeup remover water is that one contains oil and the other has no oil content. Makeup remover oil dissolves makeup and other ingredients through the oil component in it. Its cleaning ability is relatively better than makeup remover water. You need to cleanse your face after use. Breast cleansing for the second time.
Is it good to use makeup remover every day?
It is not good to use cleansing oil every day, because cleansing oil is very powerful in cleaning, and long-term use will make the cuticle on the face thin and the skin will become fragile and sensitive. You can usually use makeup remover or makeup remover when applying light makeup. Using makeup remover oil every day will cause an imbalance of water and oil in the skin. Choose a makeup remover product according to your own situation to help clean off facial makeup.
Is it good to use cleansing oil for a long time?
Whether it is good to use cleansing oil for a long time depends on the situation. Generally, if you wear makeup every day, it is necessary to use cleansing oil. Just use it correctly. There is no need to use cleansing oil when you are not wearing makeup. Although cleansing oil can quickly remove oil and dirt from the skin, excessive use can cause irritation to the skin. After cleansing oil, you need to use facial cleanser for secondary cleansing, and subsequent skin care procedures cannot be ignored. When using the cleansing oil, use it with dry hands and a dry face to prevent the cleansing oil from emulsifying in advance when it encounters water, resulting in incomplete makeup removal. When using the cleansing oil, do not massage excessively. The massage time should not exceed one minute. After the makeup is dissolved, add water to emulsify it thoroughly. The emulsification is successful when the cleansing oil turns into a white emulsion.
Can cleansing oil remove blackheads?
Cleansing oil can remove blackheads, but the effect is limited.
Use cleansing oil to remove blackheads. Pour the cleansing oil into your hands, rub and massage the tip of the nose and the wings of the nose with your hands to remove blackheads. Excessive oil secretion can easily turn into blackheads. Cleanse thoroughly every day. After removing blackheads, use pore-shrinking products to shrink pores. Note that leaving cleansing oil on your face for too long can also cause skin sensitivity and irritation.