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Staying up late is better to take good care o

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2008-11-02 Click:
Leading remarks: By the end of the year, my sister is always busy with things, not only to sum up the past, but also to look forward to the future, feeling 24 hours a day is not enough, so working overtime at night becomes a regular meal. At the same time, there are all kinds of skin problems, so how can we say goodbye to the late-night muscles and work full of energy every day?
Bath soothes tired body and mind
How busy you are brings pressure and irritability to all kinds of problems, and bathing is a good way to adjust. Adding beauty oil or essential oil in warm water can not only eliminate physical and mental fatigue, but also relax muscle tension, promote deep sleep, choose different products with different effects, and some can also resist drying, praise the skin.
Remove cutin and enhance absorption
Insufficient sleep causes excessive accumulation of keratin, which makes the skin dark and waxy at the same time of blockage. Therefore, it is necessary to properly remove discarded keratin, improve skin absorption, ensure the absorption of follow-up products, and maintain a beautiful face.
Less basic skin care steps
How late do you stay up overtime? You can't go to bed right after bathing. The basic skin care still needs to be done. Only the next day can your skin be beautiful. In addition, if make-up, no matter how late it is, we must do a good job of removing and cleaning makeup carefully, so that the makeup can not remain on the face and hurt the skin.
Do a good job of moisturizing
Sleeping late, staying up late and excessive fatigue make skin lock worse and dry. Therefore, after cleansing, it is necessary to apply a good moisturizing effect and easy to absorb cosmetic solution as soon as possible. It's best to dip cosmetic cotton in the lotion until the cotton cotton cotton cotton is transparent. You can see the finger through perspective. Then, from the center of the face, gently press the skin with a force that makes the skin sink slightly. For easy-to-dry, easy-to-gloom around the eyes and mouth need to be meticulously smeared; easy-to-dry cheeks need to be fully smeared, and finally with the whole palm, gently press the residual cosmetic water on the skin, so that it fully penetrates into the skin.
Vitamin C supplementation before bedtime
Without adequate sleep, the skin will lose excessive nutrition. If you have the habit of taking cosmetic products orally every day, it is recommended to take vitamin C and collagen products orally before going to bed. This is not only better than daytime absorption, but also conducive to the full repair of skin nutrition during sleep and restore elasticity and luster.
Rubbing and Repairing Night Cream, Relieving and Promoting Skin Antioxidant Capacity
From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., cell repair peaks, but the late-night sister can not go to bed before 10 o'clock at all. At this time, we should add night cream to repair skin problems, relieve skin problems, enhance antioxidant capacity, improve dark skin problems and brighten skin color.
Tips: Skin salvation after staying up late
1. Massage + steaming face to promote absorption and improve color: steaming face, blood circulation is accelerated, which can more effectively absorb nutrients and eliminate lymphotoxins. Massage can not only promote the absorption of skin care ingredients, but also change the whole person's spirit.
2. get up in the morning and use mask to refresh yourself. After getting up in the morning on the second day, you can apply 5 to 10 minutes of mask to help the skin "charge", accelerate the metabolism of the skin, and help the skin restore its complexion.
3. Use cold and hot alternately to stimulate facial blood circulation when washing face after getting up.
4. Drink a cup of wolfberry tea after getting up in the morning, which has the effect of Invigorating Qi and nourishing health.
5. Do a simple calisthenics, exercise the muscles and bones, so that the spirit is vigorous.
6. Breakfast must be full, but not cold food.
Editor's Note: Overtime becomes normal at the end of the year. Skin problems such as acne, peeling and dullness come to your door one after another. What can you do to protect your skin so that it doesn't languish from staying up late? In order to get healthy skin, stay-up muscles should be better cared for. Let's take a look together.