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The difference between foundation brush and sponge is good

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2008-11-02 Click:
Foundation brush is a professional makeup artist's favorite makeup tool. In daily life, we often use make-up sponge. So, which of these two basic makeup tools works well? Let's take a look at it.
Foundation brush and sponge which is easy to use?
The advantages and disadvantages of Foundation Brush
Advantages: foundation brush can create a good natural makeup effect. When used, the brush can be evenly spread out from inside to outside along the texture of the skin. It will not absorb the foundation too much, so it will not cause waste.
Disadvantage: Not suitable for more defective skin. Because the defective parts need to be covered by local focus pats. At the same time, some fiber brush products may cause skin sensitivity in some people.
Advantages and disadvantages of sponges
Advantages: easy to use, full face smear, or partial shooting of concealer.
Disadvantages: absorbability is greater, more suitable for use with foundation cream and foundation cream. Sponges are easy to hide dirt and dirt. Please pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of sponges. Remember to replace the new sponge in time after using the old one.
From the material point of view
The foundation brush is mostly brushed wool or synthetic fiber brush. It is durable in washing. And the sponge is mostly a fine texture sponge, there is hardly any space on the surface, and it feels very smooth.
Seen from the way of dressing up
The foundation brush is made up of a liquid that is evenly brushed on the face. The sponge first applies the liquid foundation to the face, and then presses the liquid with the sponge gently.
From the perspective of makeup
The makeup of the foundation is very clear after makeup, but the newcomers use the foundation brush easily to have brush marks or excessive dosage. The sponge has a strong thickness and strong absorbability. It is very convenient to modify the details of the powder or wipe up too many foundation. Use gently after wetting, make-up and skin more fit.