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how to distinguish BB makeup brushes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-10-17 Click:

Many girls are crazy for BB makeup brushes; under such situation, many makeup brush suppliers or beauty shop declare that they have BB makeup brushes with much lower price. While after receiving such makeup brushes, many experienced girls realize that they are cheated, because these brushes are not real BB brushes.

So the question is: how to distinguish BB makeup brushes?

Many say that the real BB brushes have perfect steel seal and brush handle etc, while as a professional Chinese makeup brush manufacturer, I should say that the steel seal can not prove anything. As with present technology, most makeup brush supplier can offer you the required steel seal.

The key factors of makeup brushes are the bristles and workmanship. All BB makeup brushes are made of natural animal hairs with almost the same thickness. Touch your skin with BB brushes will be very comfortable, just like touch the superior furs, which is very smooth and with high resilience.

Also the BB brushes have light leather smell, the glue that use to fix bristle end have no smell.
The workmanship of BB makeup brushes is very good, there is no overlong or mix-color hair.
The ferrule part of BB makeup brush is straight to handle, no any distortion, no loose, no differ with handle in thickness, almost no joint gap.

Toney, as a reliable makeup brush manufacturer as well as professional makeup brush supplier in China, will never declare that we can supply BB makeup brushes, although we have been the OEM factory for many famous makeup brush brands. We can custom makeup brushes for any brand, so that our customers can sell and promote their own brush brands.