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Guide to Caring for Makeup Brushes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-10-17 Click:
Makeup artists must adhere to local and state regulations when applying makeup to their clients. Because the makeup brushes are used to apply makeup on different people, germs spreading infections must be avoided; therefore, stringent steps must be used to sanitize the makeup brushes. Cosmetic consultants, whether at a customers home or at retail cosmetic counter, should always supply disposable makeup brushes to allow the client to apply to makeup themselves.

At home, your personal beauty implements are your responsibility. Caring for makeup brushes will extend the life of expensive brushes and protect your skin. Special attention should be given to makeup brushes when used on sensitive or acne prone skin. To wash your hands before applying makeup is just as important as to use a clean brush.

You may clean your makeup brush by a brush cleaner purchased at the cosmetic counter. An aromatherapy spray cleaner, using alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, purifies and sanitizes. The makeup brush suppliers recommend you use this method to clean any makeup brush that you have purchased from them.

A method of using antibacterial alcohol wipes are used to clean the brushes. This also disinfects the bristles and allows a convenient and quick way to clean.

Mix warm water and baby shampoo to soak used makeup brushes in. This mild solution cleans and dissolves the oils from the makeup. Rinse and lay the brush flat to dry on an absorbent towel.

Natural bristles on a high quality makeup brush should be cared for to prevent the hairs from falling. The shampoo you use is a good choice for gently cleaning any makeup brush. After carefully rubbing the bristles with lather from the shampoo, rinse, then rub on conditioner. If its good for your hair, then it will be good for the hair on your makeup brush.

Tea tree oil added to shampoo and conditioner, will not only sanitize with its natural anti-bacterial agent, but make the natural bristles of the brush soft, but give it a like-new feel and sheen.Just as every artist clean and dry their brushes and lay them flat on an absorbent towel to dry, you should also take special care of your makeup brushes. Whatever method you choose to use, always lay the brushes flat and never stand them up to dry. This allows the water to drip into the metal casing that holds the bristles, and will eventually cause the glue to deteriorate. Your brush will begin to shed and you will constantly be annoyed with loose brush remnants on your beautiful canvas, your face.