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Using your makeup brushes to create a professional look

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Makeup is not just a matter of cosmetics the accompanying application tools, the skills of the person using these are equally important. More often, it is the ‘right angle’ and the ‘right pressure’ applied skillfully while using the professional makeup brushes that can work wonders. Not everyone is a professional makeup artist but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a professional look when applying your makeup.

Having a wide range of makeup brushes that are different shapes and sizes greatly helps when trying to perfect a look and then our advice for creating a professional looking application is to practice.

Don’t be scared of your makeup if you apply it and it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, just wash it off with a simple cleanser and try again. If you start with your eyeshadow and don’t apply any mascara and face makeup until you are happy with that then removing it shouldn’t cause red puffiness as eyeshadow can be removed with a sweep of water on cotton wool. Use one eyeshadow brush for the lighter shade all over your eye and an angled or smudge eyeshadow brush with a darker shade to define your socket. Eye liner can be applied using a flat, liner eye brush or a pencil that canlater be smudged.

When applying blusher or bronzer, an angled makeup brush will help you get the right shape of your cheek and the trick is to apply one layer then apply powder then another layer, this will help it stay on and not look streaky.

When creating the perfect lips, it’s a good idea to use a natural nude lip liner to define the shade and then apply a color with a lip makeup brush. If you have gone for dark or very bright eyes then you should keep the lips glossy but not full of color, only use a deep or bright shade on your lips if you eyes are understated, as you don’t want to look like a show girl when your aiming for an everyday look.

Remember that with the right makeup brush, the right amount of makeup can be applied. The material from which the hair of brushes is made determines their powder holding capacity and how willtransfer when it touches the skin, so investing in natural hair brushes will really help you achieve that professional look and they will last you a life time if you care for them in the correct way.