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Etiquette for when and how to put on makeup

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-10-19 Click:
There is an art to being a lady. Refreshing ones face is part of the art of courtship rituals, gender roles, manners and a necessary practice that separates the Brittanys from the J. Los. So here it is: The Top Ten Rules of Etiquette for when and how to refresh ones makeup:1. Less is more, especially when you are doing a quick retouch. If you need the works, use the mirror in the ladies room.2. Peer quickly into a compact mirror or your reflection to gauge what needs to be done. Blink your eyes for crusting eye shadow. Check for little black dots of mascara and try to lift away. Run ring finger under bottom lash for runaway eyeliner. Make sure you are uniform. 3. Lipstick. Dab it. No lip liner unless in private and your aim is true. This is not to be attempted after some cocktails.3. Powder. Okay to use to even out the foundation. Do not apply liquid foundation on a makeup retouch unless you are going to start from scratch. Never put on foundation in the bathroom unless it is teeming with natural light. The light wont help you and you cant pull it off. Tips on how to apply foundation, check here or here.4. Errant hair near eyebrows STAY. Fix later.5. Errant hair on upper lip. For starters, get a better bathroom mirror so this doesnt happen, but by all means, take care of it!!6. Perfume. Only use outside. Rude otherwise. Perfume is a mysterious scent you carry, not a human body Lysol treatment. Generally, apply before you go out and not part of your carrying pack. Buy a smaller version of your favorite scent and keep it in the box in your purse. Also, do not apply a direct hit. Subtlety wins the day.7. Where to apply. Generally, the ladies room. If not available: ask yourself whether Holly Go lightly apply her makeup here? Would it look charming if you were to take a peek and make some changes? Dont do it during meetings, in a moving car, at any table at any restaurant, or at your desk. 8. When to apply. Before going out to lunch. Not on the hour. Not because you were running late. Before leaving the office. During a date or a night out where the environs have changed, such as leaving packed nightclub and going to a new place. 9. Never when hes looking.10. Not in the company of women unless you want feedback. As a Chinese makeup brush supplier, Toney makeup brushes Co,.Ltd, supply various makeup brushes (Blush brush, Powder Brush,Lip Brush,KABUKI Brush,Eyeshadow Brush,Sponge Applicator,Makeup Brush Set)for ladies in different occasions. With our makeup brushes, you will have perfect makeup and show your different sides to others.