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Makeup Tips for Older Women-2

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Thinning or Bushy EyebrowsIm a stickler for good brows and am known for making my friends let me tweeze theirs. Keeping your brows done nicely is like having a facelift without surgery, according to author Charla Krupps brow guy. Here are some tips for perfect brows: ·Get your brows professionally done. Nothing opens eyes up like curling lashes and keeping your brows neat. If you cant afford waxing or threading every few weeks, use the professionals job as a map for your own tweezing. Simply pluck the stray hairs that grow in between professional tweezing or waxing. ·Drawn-in brows are a no-no. You know the pencil-thin line you see some of your friends or women in your town wear? Well, they only age you and theyre somewhat tacky. ·Avoid tweezing gray brow hairs. Instead, conceal them with a brow powder or pencil. Thinning Lips Personally, I love a thin lip. I read somewhere once that its a sign of intelligence. I dont know about that, but I do know that as we age, our lips lose some of their fat.. ·Picking the right lip color is a must. Makeup artist Bobbi Brown suggests skipping the bright colors and instead of for a color thats just a shade or 2 darker than your natural lip color. ·As you age, your natural lip line fades. Create a lip line by coloring in lips first with a lip liner, then apply gloss or lipstick over the liner. ·Consider getting rid of lipstick and using lip gloss instead. Gloss creates the illusion of puffed-up lips, especially when applied to the middle of lips. · Lip plumpers do work, but the effects dont last long (were talking under an hour). So skip the plumpers and save your money. Even Vaseline on lips will make them appear larger. Ack! What to Do About Sprouting Chin Hairs For the record, I know 30-year-olds with chin hair problems. You can tweeze them or have your stylist tweeze them, but they will always grow back. The only way to keep chin hairs at bay permanently is electrolysis. How to Get Rid of Your Moustache ·You have 2 options for moustaches: Wax them off with a home waxing kit you can buy in any drugstore or have a professional do it. ·To lighten dark moustaches, try kit made just for this which you can find in your beauty aisle at the drugstore.