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Makeup Tips for Older Women-1

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How to Conceal WrinklesLess is more when it comes to downplaying wrinkles on your face. Find out the right and wrong way to apply powders and foundation. · Highlight your eyes. Great eye makeup will make eyes "pop" and attract eyes away from the wrinkles on your face. Always keep brows groomed and filled in.· Go light on foundation. Many women with wrinkles make the mistake of trying to cover them. But a face full of heavy foundation only highlights wrinkles. Instead, try a tinted moisturizer and use only on the parts of your face that need covering up. Also, no matter how pale you are, go a shade or two darker with foundation. Lighter shades only highlight wrinkles. · Watch that powder habit. When you were younger, you likely had oilier skin and got used to powdering your entire face. But dewy skin is actually youthful and you should put away your powder (except for the nose and chin). Makeup artists tell me they NEVER use powder on women over 50 unless theyre going to be taped, because powder sits atop wrinkles highlighting them. How to Conceal Sagging SkinYouve heard the old quote attributed to Catherine Deneuve, "When you get older, you have to be ready to trade your ass for your face." If you have sagging skin, dont run off to a plastic surgeon. Here are my favorite tricks and tips that, unlike a facelift, cost little or nothing. · Downplay jowls with gorgeous earrings, but stay away from chokers, which bring eyes straight to your jaw line. Love necklaces? They should hit at the collarbone or lower. Dont wear elaborate earrings and a necklace, pick one or the other. Both can be overkill. · Got a crepe-y neck? Haircuts that hit just below the chin will draw attention away from your neck. Longer cuts attract the eye downward, according to stylist John Barrett in the November 2007 issue of O magazine. I also love the look of scarves, wrapped several times around the neck. Very European. · Dont apply blush to the apples of your cheeks or you risk looking like a clown. Instead, choose a rosy blush and using a large fluffy brush, sweep color over the highest point of your cheekbones. Start about an inch in from the nose. · Dewy skin is always youthful. Because aging skin tends to be dry, skip the powders and opt instead for liquid foundation and creamy blush. Pat skin with a pea-sized amount of moisturizer after makeup application to create "dewy skin." Crows Feet around the Eyes and Lips People start developing crows feet around the eyes in their 30s. I consider my own "laughing lines" and believe they are a sign of a good life. · Dont try to cover up wrinkles around the eyes with heavy concealer. Youll end up with raccoon eyes. Apply just a few dabs of concealer and always pat in concealer with your ring finger. You can also use a brush which distributes concealer more evenly. · Try skipping powder around the eye area, it tends to settle into wrinkles. · Laugh lines around lips? Plump up lips and bring attention to THEM, not the surrounding area, by using a moisturizing lip gloss. Any time you add moisturizer to skin or lips, it plumps them up, making them appear more youthful. Saggy Lids Crepe-y lids are another natural part of the aging process. You can spend thousands on an eyelift or you can try these beauty tips that cost nothing. · Never apply mascara to bottom lashes. Instead, curl upper lashes and then apply a couple coats of thickening mascara. Curling lashes always makes eyes pop.· Makeup artists also suggest keeping eyeliner to the upper lid only. A liquid liner stays better than pencils. You can practice curving the line up on the outer corners of eyes to "lift" them. Avoid thick, heavy lines, however. I am a believer in rule-breaking however, so I think you can go ahead and line the bottom lashes, just skip the liquid liner and try a pencil instead making sure to smudge it with your finger. Also, your eyes will look beady if you try to line the inside of your eyes (my mom used to do this and it drove me crazy). · Reconsider shimmers. Shimmery eyeshadows only highlight crows feet. The one area they work in is the inside corner of the eye. Apply a dot of shimmery light eyeshadow in the instead corner of the eye to make eyes pop. · When you have a saggy upper lid, no need to go all out with several different colors of eyeshadow. Instead, keep eyeshadow in place all day with an eyeshadow primer, then apply a couple sweeps of a light eyeshadow thats flattering to your skin color. Skip the bright, crazy colors. · False eyelashes have made a comeback. But skip the full lashes from the 70s and instead opt for individual lashes.