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How to recognize fake BB makeup brushes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-10-23 Click:
Many girls are crazy for BB makeup brushes; under such situation, many makeup brush suppliers or beauty shop declare that they have BB makeup brushes with much lower price. While after receiving such makeup brushes, many experienced girls realize that they are cheated, because these brushes are not real BB brushes.Here are some tips to recognize the fake BB makeup brushes for your reference:1. In the form of makeup brush set. We have been in makeup brush industry for many years, BB is very smart, they deliver their brushes to different OEM factories in different countries in case of the huge outflow of their brushes. Although China is the biggest manufacture base of BB brushes, it is hard for Chinese makeup brush supplier to collect all BB brushes. So be careful to the so called BB brushes in the form of makeup brush sets.2. Free makeup brush bags. The Chinese makeup brush manufacturers are only responsible for brush production, the brush bags are made in other factories, so if some makeup brush supplier declare that they will offer free OEM brush bags, it is impossible, be careful.3. The logo is heavier than the real BB brushes, and is printed on the outmost surface, the character is also very so clear.4. Brush handle is more whiter than real BB brushes5. The black ferrule of brush head shows purple color if the light is good.6. The bristle is fewer and rough.7. With foundation brushes. The Chinese OEM factory has not made this foundation brushes for more than a year. BB is very smart; they deliver their brushes to different OEM factories in different countries in case of the huge outflow of their brushes. China makeup brush manufacturer have stopped to make the BB foundation brushes, so the foundation brushes are certainly not made in China.