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Makeup Powder: Offers Smooth&Oil Free Look

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-11-08 Click:
Makeup powder is applied to make foundation stay longer. It will give your face a matte look and absorbs any oiliness on the face. Your face will have shine free finished look by application of makeup powder. Makeup powder gives smooth appearance to your skin. It helps to set all the makeup on place whether pencil or cream makeup. It keeps face fresh all the day. Makeup powder is used for touch ups through out the day to control the makeup. Makeup powder should be translucent to the maximum. Texture of the powder should be as sheer as possible. It acts as invisible fixer of foundation over which color cosmetic can be easily applied. Another application of makeup powder is really interesting. While applying powder eyeshadow, dust a little loose makeup powder under the eyes. It will catch any falling eyeshadow particles, which can later be brushed away easily and softly without leaving color streaks at undesired place. The photographers specially like makeup powder, as the look it provides to the face is natural and even in artificial as well as natural lighting. Kinds of Makeup PowderLoose Powder: Loose powder is the most popular type of makeup powder among the professionals. It is used generally in the morning and it helps to keep the makeup fresh all the day as it lasts longer than other form of powder. Loose powder has airy light consistency and less chances of streaks formed on the face. With its application, your face will have smooth and matte look.Pressed PowderThese are called pressed powder or compact powder as they are pressed to fit in a small pack. Great pressure is applied on the pressed powder to make it in cake form and some oil formulation is added to let it stick together They are easy to carry along and are good for touching during the day. Women keep the compact powder in their handbags. These pressed powders are provided with sponge but it is better to use a powder brush for right application.. This kind of powder can form streaks on the face. Selecting Makeup PowderYou should choose makeup powder according to your skin type. If you have dry skin, go for compact powder as it will not absorb much of the oil on your face while if you have normal to oily skin, go for translucent powder to let it absorb excess oil. Application of Makeup PowderMakeup powder is applied after foundation and also take care that there are no lines and creases in the makeup before applying powder. This is because when you apply makeup powder over face, all the makeup will get set. Do not apply makeup powder on moist face, as it will form clumps. Blot your face dry with a tissue. Take a large brush for applying powder. It should be round tipped and move it outwards and downwards. Brush should be chosen carefully as it is very important for flawless application of the makeup powder. Brush should be softer, dense and made up of natural fibers. Take small amount of powder at a time and add more to it if desired. Avoid upward movement as it lead to standing of small facial hair and spoil the look of the makeup. To soften the effect of over application eyeshadow or blush, dust a little translucent makeup powder. Makeup powder should be applied in such a way that it leaves barely-there effect. Other person should not know that you have applied powder. Some Tips For Makeup Powder- Prefer a makeup brush to sponge or powder puff for applying makeup powder, as both of these get excess of powder to the face at once. - For perfect powder application, dip the brush straight into the loose powder and wipe of extra powder on its bristles. Motion of the powder brush should be the same as that of foundation. - Apply makeup powder only when foundation and concealer have been applied and blended but before eye makeup.