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Using the Right Makeup Brushes

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-11-08 Click:
Have you ever wondered if you were using the right makeup brush for your makeup? Or maybe you know you’re not using the right brush and just don’t care. Believe it or not the right makeup brush can make all the difference in the world when it comes to applying your makeup flawlessly. If you can afford to do so, invest in either a sable hair brush or a blue squirrel hair brush instead of the simple nylon ones. Sable brushes are wonderful because no matter how rough you get with them, they always maintain their original shape. The only downfall to a sable brush however, is that your makeup goes exactly where you put it. If you want a lighter touch when applying your makeup then your best bet would be a blue squirrel brush. Powder A powder blush is the largest brush you should have in collection. This brush is used to set the finishing powder onto your face and help soften your foundation. To Use: Swirl the brush lightly into the finishing powder and tap the brush gently to remove any access powder. Brush the powder lightly over any areas of the face you wish to cover. Eyeshadow Eyeshadow brushes are designed to give you just the right amount of color to the lid without looking like you just caked it on there. A great thing about an eye-shadow brush is that it can easily help to blend more than one eye shadow without leaving behind lines. Get a few of these. Look for one that is a one-inch soft, fluffy brush for applying a sheer color over the entire lid; and a small, soft slanted brush for the crease of your lid and brow bone area. To Use: Sweep a pale color over the entire lid and/or sweep a medium color beginning at the upper lash line and bringing it up to the crease of the lid. Eyeliner If you have a steady enough hand, eyeliner brushes are great for softening pencil lines. The brush is a wide; flat shaped that can be used wet or dry. To Use: Hold the brush vertically and carefully follow the lash line as closely as possible. Eyebrows and Lashes A spoolie brush looks like a mascara brush minus the mascara and is designed to control any unruly eyebrow hairs into place and remove excess mascara. To Use: Brush eyebrows upward and back toward the ear or swipe across lashes from base to tip to remove clumps. Blush Blushbrush is not to be mistaken with a powder brush! A blush brush is much smaller with an angled, flat head and is meant for the apple of your cheeks only. The brush provides a smooth even application without the harsh edges for a natural look. To Use: Swirl brush lightly into blush and tap to remove excess color. Next, smile to find the apples of your cheeks and sweep the brush across the cheeks in a circular motion up to the hairline. Lips For even coverage lip brushes are generally the smallest of makeup brushes and are designed to line the inside of your lips for even coverage. To Use: Swipe the brush across the lipstick of your choice and fill in lips using the brush. Now that you know the right makeup brushes to use, you’ll have perfect coverage in no time at all!