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How to Apply Blush

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-12-03 Click:
Blush, sometimes called as the rouge, is the quickest way to give face fresh, beautiful and less tired look. Blush makeup means the flush of colors on face while you blush. Blush is very important makeup accessory to give your face an instant color. Blush is applied at the end, when all other makeup like foundation, eye color and lipstick is done. Applying blush should be the last step. You must carefully choose the color of the blush you want to apply on the face.

Types of blush

You can choose blush for yourself out of various kinds. A blush may be in liquid, cream or powder form. It is more convenient to use cream blush in the morning when you apply it first during the day and retouch it with powder blush any time during the day. But you cannot first apply powder blush and then retouch with cream blush. This is because, if cream blush is applied on the powder blush, it will blotch on your face.

For oily and combo skin, powder blush is reliable. Cream blush is specially designed for dry skin. Liquid and gel blush are good for oily skin. Some makeup artists like to combine cream and powder blush both for greater luminosity and for keeping it for longer time. If you choose cream blush, keep in mind that color of cream blush should be a shade darker than that of powder blush. Cream blush gets absorbed in the skin and shade gets fade while powder blush stays on the skin and keeps its color stable.

Steps to be followed for applying blush

- Choosing right color for blush is the first step towards successful application of blush. You should choose color according to your skin tone. Blush should be of that color which comes on your cheeks just after exercise or being in cold. To see the flush of color on cheeks, just spank them a little. You can match it with your lip color. People with fair skin can choose olive, rose and peach and dark colored people can go for apricot or reds. Color of the blush also depends upon the form of blush as told above.
- Throw away those tiny brushes, which come with blush pack; instead buy a full sized professional brush for perfect application of the blush.
- Take blush on the brush and tap off any extra blush on the brush. Otherwise take a dab of gel on your finger.
- Now to find the spot where to apply blush, look into the mirror and smile. It will help find apples of the cheek where you are supposed to apply blush. For a healthy flush, you should apply blush on the apples of cheeks and it should be in light and steady movements. Always apply a little blush in the beginning and add more if desired.
- Blending is the key. Blend it perfectly with the rest of the makeup.
- If you have applied more blush powder than needed, you should dust a little translucent powder over it. If it is cream blush, blot extra blush with tissue. Liquid or gel blush stain the face, so to lighten them, you will have to wash the face and reapply it again.
- After desired application of blush, dash a little translucent powder.


- Keep your blush brush clean with baby wipes. This is a must step otherwise your brush will catch bacteria which can transfer to your cheeks.
- For a shimmery look, apply shimmer blush near the eye on the highest point on the cheeks.
- While applying powder blush, move the brush in one direction. Do not do it repeatedly round direction, it will create streaks.
- For mature skin cream blush is the best as it gets absorbed in the skin and looks natural. If you are using cream or gel blush, apply one dot at the apple of cheeks and two dots cheekbones. Blend them properly towards hairline.
- For a tired looking skin, dusky pink blush is good.
- While applying blush, do not get close to the nose.
- Do not mix powder blush with makeup creams.
- Avoid applying excessive blush as it looks like a mask if overdone.
- Cream blush is effective on an already powdered face and powder blush is best applied after application of foundation.