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Some important tips for applying Lipstick

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-12-03 Click:
The most important thing needed is the proper shade of lipstick. Besides this, you will need lip base or lip balm, lip liner, lip-gloss. All of these are accessories, which you can apply according to your taste.

Applying Lipstick

- Before you start applying lipstick, do not forget to smear moisturizer on your lips to make them smooth and soft.
- After moisturizing, you should apply foundation on the lips with the help of makeup sponge. Sponge will help reach the foundation to every crease of the lips. Foundation will serve as primer for the lipstick.
- After applying foundation, dust a little face powder over the top of foundation. It will help lipstick longer on your lips.
- Now place your elbow of your hand on a stable and firm surface and using a lip pencil, draw an outline on your lips. You can warm the pencil between your palms so that it can glide easily over lips without stretching them.
- Draw carefully Cupid’s bow on the upper lip and also draw edges of the outline of upper lips.
- Fill the outline with lipstick using a lip brush. Fill in the every little crevice on the lips. To fill the corners properly, open your mouth so that brush can move easily.
- After first coat of the lipstick, blot it using tissue. It will give a semi matte and attractive finish to the lips. Then reapply lipstick to let it stay longer.

Some important tips for applying Lipstick

Application of lip liner helps define the shape of lips and it prevents lipstick to flow out of the lips. Lip liner should match the color of lipstick and it is in pencil form. Start applying lip liner from the center of the lips and drawn towards the corner of the lips. Outline the lips along the natural lip line. This is a trick; you can exfoliate dead skin cells around the mouth area by softly brushing around lips by a soft toothbrush. It will help to give clear shape to lips. Application of foundation helps lipstick to stay longer. Fill in the lipstick with gentle and slow strokes. There are lip conditioners in the lipstick, which makes it stronger enough to stay longer at lips. It keeps lips nourished and moist.

- Do not use dark lip liner with lighter shade of lipstick. It should match the lipstick or lip-gloss.
- If you are blessed with full lips, wear the frothiest and lightest lipsticks, you can get.
- You can prevent excess lipstick from sticking to teeth, by putting finger in mouth and pulling it out.
- People above 40 years of age should avoid matte finish lipsticks. Little shine on lips works best for you.
- If lipstick gets to your cloth, you can remove it by applying glycerin on the spot and washing it as usual.
- You can use old lipstick by digging them out and put on a lipstick palette case.
- You should keep lipsticks in fridge to prevent them from melting.
- Do not use old lipsticks as they cause discoloration of lips.
- Lip-gloss is applied to make lips look fuller. Apply it over lipstick.
- Do make sure that your lip liner is sharpened before using it.
- If you have dark colored lip liner, you can lighten it by applying little foundation over it.