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Makeup Tips For Teenagers

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Teenagers have very delicate skin and they want to experiment every makeup product available in the market. But there are many makeup products available, specially manufactured for the sensitive skin of teenagers. One basic rule for the makeup for the teenagers is to apply light makeup to enhance your look and be natural. Skin of teenagers is naturally smooth and beautiful. They do not need to prepare much of the base, as the skin is clear without any blemishes.

While applying makeup to teens, subtlety and the softness are the two main concerns. Very mild and soft colors like pink, neutral brown or coral should be used on faces. Applying harsh colors and overdoing makeup will make them look overage. To look more attractive teenagers should use right makeup products and right tips for applying makeup. Teenagers should take proper care of skin as their skin gets changed due to hormonal changes. Avoid using makeup just to hide your skin problems. It will worsen the situation. You should apply makeup only on special occasion and parties.


Experts advise it is better not to use foundation as it tends to clog skin pores and also looks overdone. Instead, you can use concealer to hide blemishes and dust little loose powder to blend it completely with skin. Concealer should be of skin tone. Use of concealer pencil is best to cover scars or blemishes.

Applying Blush

At first, choose appropriate product for your skin. Teenagers should go for oil-free blushes, which contain components like tea tree oil or salicylic acid as these suit a teenager’s skin also help in prevent acne. They should avoid using water based oily blushes, which stick to the skin and clog pores of skin. Teenagers should choose lighter shades like pink and peaches, which are the natural shades. For nicely blending the blush, apply some loose powder first on your skin and then powdered blush. Start applying blushes on the apple of cheek towards and outwards your hairline. For applying blush and powder, you should choose soft and natural haired brush, which is dense and has round tip.

Eye makeup for Teens

You can add color to your face by eye makeup. For applying perfect eye makeup, you will need eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner and brow liner. Before applying any eye makeup, curl your eyelashes for dramatic look. Brown shade for mascara really works for skin tones in teenagers. Do not over apply eyeshadow and dust little loose powder over it to soften the look. To give bright look to eyes, inside the rim of lower lash, apply white eyeliner pencil. Brush eyebrows with toothbrush and fill the gaps with gray eyebrow pencil. To cover the dark circles under eyes, apply skin tone concealer and blend it with skin using little loose powder. Do not use sparkles and glitters for eye makeup. While choosing eye shadow color, it does not have to match with your eye color. Earthy tones like, brown, tan and gray suit most of the teens.

Lip Makeup For Teens

For a right lip makeup you need to take care your lips. Keep them moist and moisturized by applying lip balm and moisturizer. Only applying lip-gloss will give the desired look to the lips of teens. If you are going for a party, you will want to add color to your lips. So make sure you do not choose a dark color for lips, it should be light and sheen tinted. Do not forget to apply lip liner, which should match lip color and should not be dark. It helps lipstick or lip gloss stay in place. You can apply oil-free foundation or lip crayon to lips to let the lipstick stay longer. You should apply light lip color during daytime and dark lip color at nighttime.

Other Important Makeup tips for teens

- Never go to the bed before removing makeup with the help of makeup remover.
- Use only a non-alcoholic toner on the face.
- For oily skin, use tissue to blot away extra oil.
- Take proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine for keeping the skin healthy. As healthy skin is the base of perfect makeup