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How to apply foundation

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How to Apply Foundation

Foundation creates a base for the perfect makeup. Foundation improves the texture of skin and provides a canvas like face to apply makeup. A good makeup is based on how you apply foundation. First step towards applying foundation is choosing a foundation, which matches your skin tone.

For selecting right foundation, test it on your cheeks or on inside of your wrist. Type of foundation also depends upon the skin texture. Experts usually blend two foundation tones to make the exact matching skin tone. If you choose foundation of different tone, it will appear like a mask on your face. Avoid applying heavy foundation. There should be no sudden change of color between neck and chin.

Types of Foundation

You can obtain foundation in different forms. It can be emulsions, liquid, cream, powder, in sticks and gels. It depends upon your choice.

Emulsion foundation comes in tubes and is different for different types of skin. It is good to cover blemishes. Cream foundation is packed in jars and is suitable for dry skin. It has high content of oil and gives a gloss to the skin. Liquid foundation comes in bottles and is suitable for all skin types. It is light formulation and is not able to cover scars and blemishes. Cakes or sticks are solid foundations. These are best used for oily skin. It successfully hides blemishes. Powder foundation gives matte finish. It absorbs oil and controls sheen. These are not for foundation application but best for touching up in the way.

Selecting foundation

For choosing the foundation, you have to consider two factors – foundation color and the form of foundation. Different forms are suited for different skin types. Also skin texture and your age help in deciding the foundation.

- Skin Type: Emulsions and liquid foundation are suited for any type of skin. On the other hand, creamy foundation is oil-based and is best suited for dry skin. Cake or stick form foundations are suited for oily skin.
- Age and skin condition: Thin foundation like, liquid foundation is sufficient for young skin. If skin is uneven and full of blemishes, use thick foundations like cream or stick. Or older skins use two coats of thin foundation.
- Color Choice: Choose a foundation, which matches the natural color of your skin. Test it on skin of your face or neck in day light instead of artificial light. For fair skin beige, brownish gold or ochre foundation can match. For dark skin, go for pinkish beige, peach or pinkish ochre.

How to apply foundation

- Apply deep cleansing milk on your face with wet cotton wool to cleanse the skin.
- Take a little quantity of foundation on your left palm and dab it on some spots like cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead on face with finger.
You can use a rose dipped cotton wool.
- Do not forget to apply it on the neck also otherwise there will be variation in colors of neck and face.
- Using tips of fingers spread the foundation in upward motion from chin. It will get absorbed in skin.
- Let the foundation dry completely before applying any makeup on the face.
- If you have dry skin, apply moisturizer or glycerin before applying foundation and if you have oily skin, apply astringent mixed with rosewater or two drops of lemon juice.
- To make foundation even, rub a tissue slightly. Remove any extra foundation from eyebrows, eyelashes or hair.

Foundation makeup tips

- If you are using cream foundation, use a cosmetic sponge. Cosmetic sponge gives smoother effect.
- Another important thing to be remembered is to blend it properly. Blend it properly in the hairline, under the jaw line, corners of the mouth and nose and also over and under the eyes. There should be no difference in color at different spots.
- If you are not satisfied with its application, you can retouch it at a particular spot and blend it with rest of the skin. Then dust a little translucent powder to set it.
- Powder foundation can be used as face powder for touching up.
- Apply foundation in combination with sunscreen with SPF 15 to prevent damage from sunrays.
- Use loose powder and puff on the foundation on any hot day and do not forget to do touch ups during the day