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Makeup and Skin Care with Makeup Products

Source:NetWork Author:Jafon makeup brushes factory Addtime:2018-12-08 Click:
Everything has a life and survives only till a limit so the same rule applies on make up. Make up too doesnt last for forever and has a life span. All make up products including foundations, lipsticks, shampoo, soaps, conditioners, sprays, mail polish, compact powder, mascara, deodorants, face wash, face packs, liners and eye shadows have a limit to run and if used over their life span then they cause some side effects and harm to your body and skin. One can check the life span of the make up the same way one checks it on the medicines and can dump them after the time limit gets over.

To make the cosmetics run till a good time to serve one needs to care the entire make up range properly and one should remember that each cosmetic requires a different way to look after. If we behave carelessly with our cosmetics, then they dont serve us the way they should and we decrease their time limit of usage. If we always keep the creams, lotions or foundations bottles open or close them loose then they lose the quality and might get spoiled with the air, which enters into them. So they should always be closed tight. That way the entire make up items need a specific care pattern. So here is the way one should keep the make up carefully to run them to their best.

Foundation-- foundations dont have a very long life span. If opened they last for at least a year and if not opened then they can last for maximum 2 years. The bottle should be kept at a dry cool place and should be closed tight after the usage. If kept in light or direct sunlight it gets spoilt. One can even come to know with the smell and texture change if the foundation is getting expired.

Lipsticks-lipsticks have a life span of one and half years if opened and up to two years if packed. They should not be kept in heat and can be kept in refrigerator if they are melting because of the humidity or heat in the weather. They should be kept in a dry cool place and always closed properly after the use. One should not give ones lipsticks to others to use as it can pass infections. Lipsticks too starts giving a changed odor if they are extending their time limit so one can come to know that the lipstick is getting expired and can stop using it to prevent oneself from any side effects.

Hair Brushes- Hairbrushes do require proper cleaning and hygiene. One can wash them of while soaking them in a mild lukewarm soap or shampoo solution with some anti bacteria solution in it. When washed they can be dried in the fresh air. One should not share ones comb and brushes with others as it might pass on scalp infections, lice or dandruff. One should keep changing the combs and hairbrushes in 6-8 months because the usage is high and its better to change them for better hygiene for your hair and scalp.

Eye Shadows and Blushers-eye shadows and blushers do last for a year if opened no matter if they are in the form of loose powder or solid stick and cake. They cannot last beyond two years even if the pack is closed. While using also one can come to know the expiry time with the changing smell and color. One should keep all these colors at a cool dry place in no light as light changes the texture and color.

Eyeliners- eyeliners do not have a long time span. They can last up to two years if sealed and maximum a year if opened for use. One should be more careful with the time span of the eyeliners as they might cause more damage to the eyes if used after the expiry time, as eyes are one of the most sensitive feature of the body.

Makeup brushes- Makeup brushes too require time-to-time cleaning. Every time after the usage they should be dusted. Once in a month they should be soaked in mild solution and wiped with cotton linen and should be dried in natural air. They should be discarded in a year or depending upon the usage.

Nail colors- nail colors or paints do need to be kept without light in a dark cool place. They can last up to a year if opened and 2 years if sealed. The bottle should be kept tightly so that air shouldnt enter inside. One can come to know if the nail color is giving up with the increasing thickness of it. It gets clumsy after time and takes longer to dry. So one should stop using the nail color then.

Eye pencils-eye pencils should be kept properly shaped with their cover on them. They should be discard after a year. If one keeps using these pencils after the expiry they can give the real damage to the eyes. One should never share ones eye pencil with others. If someone gets any infection in the eyes then should stop using the eye pencil till the eye problem gets over.

Mascara- mascara doesnt have a long life span. When opened be used for couple of months and if it is sealed it can be kept for a year. It gets thick and sticky with the time.

Hair care products- one should check the manufacturing date on the hair care products and should stop using them after six months. One should stop immediately using them if there is any change in color or odor or if some gets hair fall or itching on the scalp with any of the hair care product.

Compact powders- compact powders do last for a year. One should not touch the puff with the compact powder with sweaty hands or wet hands. It spoils the quality and decreases the life of it. It should be kept dried and closed.

So if proper care is taken one ca use the makeup products for a longer time and get the value of the money.