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How to apply eye shadows

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Eye shadows are a necessary part of your make it. Its just playing with colors and giving you a classy and dramatic look. If one learns properly playing with colors one can give a perfect definition to small and not so well defined eyes.

Correct usage of eyeliners, shades, kohl and mascara is must to give the eyes a perfect look. One should learn how to use right suitable colors on ones skin and should not add many colors just to experiment as it might spoil the look than to make it.

In eye make first comes the eyeshades after that all the other eye make up is applied. One can choose the eye shadows according to ones skin tone, age and the weather. Occasion too should be kept in mind as golden and silver eye shadows might look good in a night party or wedding function but they can make you look funny if worn in the daytime or in a birthday party.

One can use more than one eye shade on the lids at a time the only thing is all the colors should merged well. Soft and neutral shadows like pink, light browns, earthy shades look good on most of the eyes whereas dark shaded look good on big eyes that too specially in the night.Blue and gray should be worn when one has a good hand in applying eye shadows. Layering of right eye shadows and perfect application of the colored pencils in the eyes can change the shape of the eyes properly. Even small deep-set eyes can give an illusion of big beautiful eyes.

One can keep trying setting of the colors at home to get a perfect hand on the eye make up and one can even take help from a professional beautician. By practicing one can get a very good hand on make up and can beat any of the established make up artist with ones own experimented tricks.

Eye shadows are available in forms of cubes, tubes, gels, pencils and powders. One can choose them according to the weather as glossy and liquid eye shadows dont appear good in summers as they give sticky feeling but they can look better in winters. One can even blend 2-3 types of eyes shadows together to get a dramatic look. By practicing one can learn the perfect way to apply eye shadows on the eyes.

But eye make is incomplete without using other eye make up stuff as liners and mascaras. So its mandatory to complete the eye shadows with eyeliners and mascaras. Proper definition should be given to the eyebrows too to give the eyes the perfect finish. Its better to keep the natural curve intent but if one has less hair on the eyebrows and have no proper shape one can get it done with the help of eye pencil and eye brow brushes which are easily available in any cosmetic shop.

First one should define the eyebrow then only should start shading the eyes so that one can get proper place below the eyebrows to play with. A touch up should be given to the brows even after finishing the eye make up. Eyebrow brush can be used regularly to define the brows. Eyebrows should be combed in the same direction with the help of the brush in which they have the hair growth. In 60s and 70s women used to pluck or remove their entire eyebrows and used to define them with the help of eye pencil. So one can use a sharp eye pencil to give a perfect curve to the eyebrows without removing them by applying the pencil on the natural eyebrows by adding some more curves.

Then one can define eyes with the help of eyeliner, eye pencil or if one prefers to use kohl.

Perfectly done eye shadows can make small eyes look bigger, deep set eyes look proper and big eyes look more beautiful. One can make the eyes look soft for the day look and Sharpe for the night if made up with right amount of shades.

One can hide even dark patches and circles with the light eye shadows, which appear on and around the eyes.

To finish up the eye make up one should coat the eyelashes with mascara. Usually black mascara is the most popular but these days trends are different and one can experiment with brown, blue and Tran spent mascaras available in the cosmetic shops.

To give the eyes a softer look one can choose brown mascara and black mascara is perfect for the night. One can use even artificial eyelashes easily available in the market, which are very easy to attach, and if one naturally has long thick eyelashes than just transparent mascara can enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Few simple tricks tried in eye makeup can change a persons entire look for the better.